Whether on site or virtually, the Bright Sparks learn Heritage crafts and participate in activities that teach new dogs, old tricks!

We at North Yorkshire Youth are really passionate about this project, it supports young people into developing many transferrable skills, personal development and resilience, in a wonderful, informal, outdoor site or through the wonders of technology; being able to reach places and people that would normally be inaccessible.

The Bright Sparks are 14 – 19 year old individuals (25 SEND) who work together on Heritage craft projects chosen by them and arranged by their facilitator. Local artists, experts and crafts people work with the young people providing heritage knowledge and opportunities for the young people to take into their futures as invaluable experience, skills and personal development.

This project also gets the two teams at NYY to work together more than ever before; Youth development skills from one team and expert activities skills from the other! This partnership means that the Ignite project is amongst the only joint Activities and Heritage offer in the whole country!

Medieval Woodworking Skills, Blacksmithing, Dry Stone Walling, Yorkshire Stone Flag Flooring, Stained Glass Making, Whittling, Hand and Axe Carving, Hazel Weaving, Map Reading, Seal Making, Painting, Lime-Washing, Rope Making, Pyrography, Image Harvesting, Film Making, GIF Making, Drawing, Creative Writing, Model Making, Fabric Printing, Poetry, Archaeology, Archiving, Wattle And Daub Making, Design, Hedge Laying, Environmental and Conservation Skills, Bat Boxes,

… and so it goes on. Combine all of those crafts and skills with:

Archery, Axe Throwing, Bush-Craft, Den Building, High Ropes, Zip Wire, Problem Solving, Kayaking, Rope Bridges, Canoeing, Raft Building, Outdoor Cooking, Foraging, Nightlines, Climbing…

It makes for exciting times, creating experiences and opportunities that young people can enjoy and remember for life; for free