NYY News

  • Monday, November 22, 2021 - 12:12
    Spectrum Youth Club

    Spectrum Youth Club runs on a Monday evening from The Barn in Tadcaster. The Club Is open for young people aged 14-25 who have special needs. These can be categorised as physical, emotional, learning disabilities, people on the autistic spectrum or simply young people who need a more supportive and inclusive social group.

    The club is run by a mix of parents, carers and a member off NYY Staff. They volunteer their time to create a safe and friendly environment to give these young people the opportunity to develop friendships and reduce social isolation that many experience.

    The club offers a wide range of activities, including: arts and crafts, cooking/baking, pool, table tennis, sports, music and lots lots more! They often deliver themed sessions throughout the year and have a Christmas Party to end the year.

  • Tuesday, November 9, 2021 - 11:46
    The Garrison Gathering Christmas Fest

    A note of what is happening over the coming weeks in Richmondshire

    We are preparing for The Garrison Gathering Christmas Fest on Sunday 12th December 10am -3pm at Risedale School.

    Young people from the area will be building a Santa’s grotto and rehearsals are well underway with the alternative brass band  music from the young people of Blue Boxt productions.  This will be a mix of traditional Christmas tunes and a few alternative remixes.  The local Primary schools will also be singing Christmas Carols throughout the day.

    Come and join us for lots of crafts stalls, music, fairground, food and heaps of fun!

    Edwina Anderson

  • Friday, October 22, 2021 - 17:09
    NYY Calendar Competition update

    Our Calendar competition has now closed and the judges have been busy choosing the winning photographs to be featured in the Calendar. The competition has been open from May to October and we have received some great pictures from young people across the county, it’s been really interesting to hear the stories behind the photos, see favourite views, photos connected to memories and some of the things young people have been doing to boost their wellbeing during the lock down period. Thank you to all who took part, and for some start-up funding received from the Community Safety Hubs.  We plan for this to be an annual competition so keep taking those pictures throughout the seasons and send them in when the competition reopens in the spring. We will shortly be sending the calendars off for printing so once we get them back the winners will receive a free copy, and the rest will go on sale so watch out for further details, they will make great Christmas presents and cheer up any wall!

  • Friday, August 13, 2021 - 10:16
    North Yorkshire VCSE Funding Summit: Funding the future
  • Friday, August 13, 2021 - 09:52
    Scarborough and Whitby Youth Mentor

    I joined North Yorkshire Youth in February as a Youth Mentor for Scarborough and Whitby right in the middle of lockdown, so it was a challenge. Everyone was helpful on the team, so I was soon up and running seeing young people in and around Scarborough and Whitby.

    I mainly did walk and talk with the young people in lockdown around where they lived as they did not want another zoom meeting (which I could fully understand). These walk and talks helped me discover the Whitby area a bit more and find my way round as well as get to know the young person. I also went on detached and was shown round Whitby by Ian (Youth Development worker) who I will hopefully be planning some summer projects with for young people in Whitby.

    I have enjoyed going into the different schools and meeting the young people and listening to all their brilliant stories and ideas and looking at projects they have been part of.

    In the Easter holidays I met up with some of the young people I work with and in one day managed to walk 13 miles in 3 different walk and talks and enjoyed everyone.

    I have done a run and talk with one of my young people who were interested in running, like I am, and we completed 6.7 miles along Scarborough seafront, quite an achievement for both of us.

    More recently I have been encouraging young people to take photos of what makes them happy or where they live, one of which is attached, all the pictures are brilliant and have made the young people get outside, exercise and connect with nature.

    I am looking forward to meeting more young people and developing the role further as we come out of these challenging times.

  • Friday, August 13, 2021 - 09:51
    Scarborough and Whitby Youth Mentor
  • Wednesday, June 23, 2021 - 13:40
    Chat n Chill

    The success of our weekly chat n chill sessions on a Thursday continues! The sessions were set up following Time to Talk day on the 4th February, and have been every Thursday 6-7pm since. They focus on well-being and mindfulness.

    A need was identified for young people to have a consistent safe space online, whilst at home, to chat amongst their peers with the support of two members of staff to guide the session. This past year has taught us all the importance of ‘checking in’ regularly on our family and friends, and young people can’t be overseen too. We often forget to look after ourselves in the midst of everything going on. We charge our phone everyday, so we need to charge ourselves everyday too! Just having an hour a week to chat and check in how we are feeling, has been beneficial for the young people in the group, and to know they are not alone.

    We have recently focused on creating a self-soothe box, mental decluttering, miracle morning approach, law of attraction and the relationship between colours and emotions. All of which, can be applied outside of the group. The young people have really enjoyed the creative aspect to the group, and as result, two young people have led an activity on origami and how to make a fortune teller out of paper. We always welcome creative abilities! The chat n chill group is via Zoom, for 11-19 year olds. If you don’t feel confident to speak or show your face on camera, it is fine to type in the chat! Please email jayne@nyy.org.uk for more information about the sessions, and for the zoom link if you think it’s something you are interested in.

  • Monday, June 14, 2021 - 12:10
    Two Ridings

    We are busy as ever on the east coast with a fantastic opportunity to engage young people in football, boxing and drama as funded by Two Ridings.

    At a time when youth work is hard to deliver, we are smashing it with engagement of 25 young people so far in these activities.

    These sessions are aimed at rebuilding confidence, physical and mental health and life-skills.

    For further information, contact cgarton@nyy.org.uk

  • Tuesday, June 1, 2021 - 11:39
    Independent Visitor Scheme First Referrals

    The Independent Visitor Scheme has received its first referrals, meaning that looked after young people in North Yorkshire are now starting to benefit from the support provided by the scheme. Independent Visitors are there to listen, offer one to one independent support and advice and go out and about to get involved with fun social and leisure activities.

    In spite of Covid restrictions, some of our Independent Visitors (IVs) have been able to start to develop positive relationships with the young people they have been linked with and while it is still early days, things are going well. Socially distanced walks and online communication have allowed Independent Visitors and the young people they are linked with, to start to get to know one another and develop positive and supportive relationships for the long term.

    We have been able to make some good matches with young people by drawing on the particular skills and interests of different IVs. For the young people matched, it has been great to be able to introduce them to IVs with relevant interests including IT and gaming, nature and the outdoors and also teaching English as a Second Language. We have recruited a range of IVs from all walks of life right across the county and are in a good position to develop further good matches with looked after young people as more referrals start to come in.

    As Covid restrictions start to be eased, there will be more opportunities for IVs and young people to get involved with a wider variety of activities to enjoy their time together. We look forward to the continued development of the scheme and being able to support more looked after young people in this way.


  • Friday, May 21, 2021 - 12:26
    Free Library App Training

    Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been lucky enough to get ourselves on some free online Library App training from the NYCC Adult Learning team. Who knew there was so much stuff to access free of charge?

    Our volunteers and workers can now help young people find whatever they’re into. There’s free e and audio books, comics, magazines, driving test info, job pages, mindfulness resources… the list goes on and on!

    All they have to do is be a member of the Library, download the app onto a phone and once they’re logged in it’s all there instantly, in their hand!

  • Thursday, May 20, 2021 - 12:08
    Farewell for now Filey!

    After 2 and a half years supporting and mentoring young people in Filey and leading on the universal access youth club, I am now moving on to a new project!

    I joined North Yorkshire Youth and the Youth Mentor Project in 2018 and have really loved helping to develop it, working with students and staff at Ebor, supporting the community and tuning the youth club!  But it’s time for a change of scene.

    I am not leaving North Yorkshire Youth, nor am I ditching mentoring; I will be working on another brand new project and will be covering Ryedale. The Change Direction Project is a unique mentoring project that will seek to support young people at risk of offending and I’m really looking forward to getting going - once I’ve got my head around a new area!

    Don’t worry, Filey is not without a Youth Mentor, nor a Youth Club - I will be continuing with some detached youth work for a few weeks at least and then we aim to get a new youth club team in place ready for when we can re-open. And your Youth Mentor for Filey is now Claire Garton. Claire has been working alongside me as a Youth Mentor covering the Scarborough area since 2018, so you’re in safe hands! 

    Farewell Filey - I’m sure I’ll see you  around !

    Mary-Ann, Change Direction Youth Mentor.


  • Wednesday, May 5, 2021 - 16:40
    Lockdown Youth Work

    Our teams of youth workers are still out in the communities where we have youth clubs engaging with young people across the county. It is nice to see more young people out and about, especially at the moment enjoying the sunshine and to check in with them to see how they are doing, socially distanced of course. We are currently consulting with young people to see what suitable outdoor activities they would like to do that fit within the current guidelines – we might need to think a bit differently but there’s plenty we can do!

    We continue to offer our weekly chat n chill sessions and our fortnightly LGBT chat n chill group via zoom, as well as a providing a safe social space, we also look at activities to boost our wellbeing. Another exciting project over the next few weeks is the offer to “time travel from your sofa, ignite our imaginations and zoom through History!” Ignite Yorkshire and Chris Geeson Creative Clubs have got together to give you fabulous facts and interactive activities inspired by North Yorkshire’s industrial Heritage. If you’d like further information on any of our sessions please see our website and Facebook pages, we’re also posting weekly activities on there to keep you busy.


  • Wednesday, May 5, 2021 - 16:34
    Tang Hall

    We are still not able to run Youth Clubs or large group meetings yet, but as Covid-19 restrictions are slowly lifted, we are busy making plans to gradually build up youth provision in the Tang Hall area.

    Youth workers are out delivering detached youth work twice a week, engaging and chatting with young people, making sure they’re keeping safe and well while also consulting with them about future groups and outdoor sessions initially such as football, basketball skills, hula-hooping, skipping, slacklining.

    Hopefully it won’t be too long before we are able to re-start indoor activities, putting into place strict guidelines including sanitising, social distancing and mask wearing as appropriate.  These might include art and crafts, exercise sessions, baking and cooking as well as chat and chill, depending on the interests of the young people involved.

    Staff will continue collaborating with local organisations in the community to improve and strengthen trust and relationships with young people.


  • Monday, April 12, 2021 - 16:06
    Time to Talk Day - Chat n Chill

    Thursday 4th February was Time to Talk day as part of Time to Change Mental health scheme. Time to Talk Day encourages everyone to be more open about mental health – to talk, to listen, to change lives. A small conversation about mental health has the power to make a big difference.

    We know that the more conversations we have, the more we can help to reduce some of the isolation felt, particularly over these difficult times in lockdown and the pandemic. So as our way to join in, North Yorkshire Youth held a Chat n Chill session on zoom for young people to attend to meet people, have an informal chat but also to learn about mindfulness and take part in some mindfulness exercises.

    The session was a success and young people asked if we could continue them and the sessions now run weekly, every Thursday 6-7pm for everyone aged 11 to 19 years.

    At least once a month we are also joined by Matt from Darlington MIND who is great fun and always brings some fun mindfulness activities to try. In addition we chat about various topics in relation to well-being, self-care and mindfulness. We have done body scan and breathing exercises, looked at ‘responding and reacting’, stress relief and what it means to be your ‘authentic self’ among lots of other mindfulness activities.

    Following on from this last week and again this week we will be joined by Nicole from Inner-Balance who is running sessions with the young people who attend on ‘Showing up for yourself’ and some meditation exercises.

    We all need a safe, calm place to chat n chill…so why not join us, just email jayne@nyy.org.uk for the zoom link.

  • Thursday, April 8, 2021 - 14:38
    Leyburn Arts Centre Youth Cafe


    Spring is here and we have lots of projects planned over the next few months leading into the summer, so follow us at North Yorkshire Youth on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date with what is happening.

    I was invited recently by Leyburn Arts Centre Youth Café to the planting of a tree. The young people have been awarded a ‘Green Teen’ grant to develop the garden behind the centre.  The area has been cleared and cleaned up with new compost bins, plant pots, a mini green house and a lot of planting, including blackcurrants, a buddleia and numerous flowers to attract bees and butterflies.

    The latest plant to arrive was a Victoria Plum tree. Alongside some of the Arts Centre’s volunteers, Reuben Putt a member of the youth café, dug a substantial hole and planted the tree.

    It is hoped that once the tree grows and bears fruit, the youth café members will be able to make their own jam. Mmmmm Plum Jam I’m looking forward to that!

    Edwina Anderson

  • Monday, March 22, 2021 - 16:20

    Our wonderful youth development team have been busy designing and delivering a program of training to staff, volunteers and prospective employees.

    I have been able to tailor some of these programs to deliver to young people and they have been a massive success: managing anxiety / healthy sleep / healthy eating. There are many more available and if any young person is interested in a virtual training session, either individually or part of a group, please contact cgarton@nyy.org.uk.

  • Monday, March 1, 2021 - 10:58
    With Love from COZIE

    Over the first couple of weeks of February, young people who attend COZIE and JAM Create in Easingwold created this brilliant window display in partnership with local shop, Hearts, for Valentine’s Day.

    The young people were challenged to create a piece of art by one of the workers, Chris. He reminded them that love can be around caring and respect as well as romantic.

    Sam and Alan who volunteer for the clubs, delivered Chris’s art packs to the young people (all socially distanced of course!) which gave them a chance to check in with the young people and their families.

    The display has been a source of comfort (and colour!) for lots of people in the town and a good chance for lots of people to talk about emotions and feelings.

    As one of the pieces of art says, ‘We Are In This Together’.



  • Friday, February 26, 2021 - 13:50
    Lockdown 3.0 - Filey

    Hopefully, this is the last time we will find ourselves in lockdown due to Covid…. It has been hard on everyone but working to support young people I have seen a very mixed bag in terms of how each lockdown has affected individuals. For some it has been a welcome break from the pressure of school and friendships. For others it has been a good time to spend with their families and rebuild relationships in the home. But unfortunately, for some young people being at home with less immediate access to support from school and other services, it has been incredibly tough.

    Please remember that almost all services supporting young people are still working! Contact your school or your local Youth Mentor, speak to your parents and ask for help or you can reach out online if you’d prefer. Services such as Kooth.com are so accessible and work around the clock.  Don’t be alone – there are people there waiting to help.

    Mary-Ann and Charlotte have been out in the community, one evening a week since September (even in the rain and snow – hard core!), working detached to offer support and advice to young people in Filey and Hunmanby – but whilst we miss working with young people in our community, we are happy to report that we have seen very few young people out and about. Whenever we have come across young people they have only been in very small groups and have been adhering to social distancing rules. Well done to the young people of Filey and the surrounding villages for doing your bit during this difficult time!

    We will keep you all posted on when our Youth Club will re-open in Filey, but in the meantime, stay safe and reach out if you’re struggling.

    Mary-Ann - Youth Mentor - Filey  mary-ann@nyy.org.uk 07398149516


  • Friday, February 5, 2021 - 13:23
    February - LGBT History Month

    Did you know that the Pride Flag was designed by Gilbert Baker in 1978 to represent the diversity of the LGBT+ community? Each of the colours represent things that are important for living well, which fits in well with this year’s theme of Body, Mind, and Spirit.

    Red = Life, Orange = Healing, Yellow = Sunlight, Green = Nature, Indigo = Harmony, Violet = Spirit.

    In 2018 the Pride Flag was redesigned by Daniel Quasar. The five-coloured chevron was added to put greater emphasis on the need for inclusion and progression. The black and brown represent LGBT+ communities of Colour and the pink, blue and white represent the trans community. The shape of this section is like an arrow representing moving forward. The Pride Flag was redesigned to be more inclusive.

    To celebrate and recognise LGBT+ History Month we will running several sessions and activities, keep an eye on our Facebook page for more details.

  • Wednesday, January 27, 2021 - 17:07
    Lockdown and the effects on young people's mental health

    As we have gone into yet another lockdown straight after the Christmas festivities were over, the government have now acknowledged the massive impact the covid related disruptions have made to young people’s lives and have recognised the significance of detached youth work.

    Therefore, (with risk assessments in place, mask in situ and keeping a good 2 metre distance) North Yorkshire Youth are able to continue our detached youth work in the communities across North Yorkshire and are out weekly where we usually hold youth clubs.

    Whilst the rules mean that people must stay indoors, sometimes home is not the safest place for everyone. The lockdown is increasing isolation, boredom, lack of socialising, loss of routine, lack of support and this in turn is having a negative impact on the mental health of young people. The rapid return to academic pressure, after six months away, has also had a negative impact, and young people are finding themselves back in the same position again.

    Young Minds carried out a survey with 2,011 young people with a history of mental health problems shortly after schools had reopened.

    The findings show:

    • 69% of respondents described their mental health as poor now that they are back at school; this has risen from 58% who described their mental health as poor before returning to school.
    • 40% of respondents said that there was no school counsellor available to support students in their school
    • Only 27% had had a one-to-one conversation with a teacher or another member of staff in which they were asked about their wellbeing, by the time they completed the survey.
    • Almost a quarter of respondents (23%) said that there was less mental health support in their school than before the pandemic, while only 9% agreed that there was more mental health support.

    In addition, research from the Samaritans suggest that calls from young people to their service have increased massively during these covid times.

    This all provides us with the disheartening evidence that now, more than ever, it is imperative that we carry on engaging with young people through our detached youth work; offering support, signposting, a friendly face, and someone to talk to or to listen.

  • Wednesday, January 20, 2021 - 15:03
    Happy New Year from Richmondshire.

    As we find ourselves in another lockdown, I wanted to look back at some of the great work NYY did towards the end of 2020 and the plans for 2021.

    We were out and about doing detached work at Leyburn and Colburn, young people came for a chat and told us how they had coped during lockdown, changes at school, having to wear masks and not socialising as much. Most of them kept in touch with their friends via social media platforms.

    We launched our bauble project in November and had a great response, with 150 packs being sent out across the County. The photo shows some of the baubles made at Colburn Youth Project.

    2021 is turning out to be another challenge but we are up for it!

    We have some exciting projects planned including a photo competition, geocache hunt and fairy doors (more details to follow soon). We are also looking forward to delivering new and exciting training for our volunteers and of course the vaccine, so we can get out and about meeting you all again.

    Stay Safe and Keep Smiling - we are here to support you.

    Edwina Anderson

  • Wednesday, January 13, 2021 - 15:50
    Tang Hall Youth Club

    Unfortunately, due to the latest lockdown measures, we are still not able to run Youth Clubs or large group meetings.

    Youth workers are out delivering detached youth work twice a week around the Tang Hall area.  They are engaging and chatting with young people who are out and about, making sure they’re keeping safe, while also encouraging them to follow the current Coronavirus regulations.

    Continuing to liaise and link with other professionals in the area helps us to keep up to date with any emerging issues, or the latest places young people may be hanging around.

    The Youth Workers have had some great conversations with young people about how the ongoing restrictions and limitations of Covid-19, home schooling and lack of social interactions are impacting on their lives. We are busy making provisional plans for some possible future activities and group sessions as soon as lockdown restrictions start to be lifted again.

    In response to informal consultations with young people we should be able to offer some interesting sessions in the local community again before too long and young people can start to enjoy some of the things they used to join in with.

  • Monday, January 11, 2021 - 12:01
    Ignite Project

    North Yorkshire Youth Team would love to wish everyone a safe and happy new year! Times are difficult for all of us but we will not stop supporting, encouraging and developing young people’s lives and futures. The Ignite Project is supportive and welcoming, we have an especially exciting virtual offer for youth groups and school groups which at this time might be just the ticket! Please get in touch with me – Sally on sally@nyy.org.uk for details and to discuss the enormous possibilities.

  • Tuesday, December 8, 2020 - 15:35
    Mental Health First Aid

    Things have been very busy since September in terms of returning to mentoring in schools and some face to face clubs; including our usual game of football – Covid secure of course.  The highlight of my term has been completing the mental health first aid training – which has improved my knowledge  of mental health conditions and how to apply first aid in any situation. This helps during this particularly difficult time for everyone, not just for our young people but staff and other adults as well. We will continue to raise awareness and offer interventions as an organisation and wear this badge with pride!

  • Monday, November 23, 2020 - 16:06
    Merry Wreath-mas!

    Some of NYY’s staff recently spent a wonderful morning on Zoom learning Christmas crafts with Lucy from NYCC!

    We foraged our gardens (and local parks!) for greenery to make Christmas Wreaths. Then we raided our recycling to get paper to make magical Christmas snowflake stars! Lucy gave us loads of ideas for Christmas cards too – all things we can use in video calls to work with our volunteers and youth clubs to make really effective (but really cheap) Christmas decorations!


  • Tuesday, November 17, 2020 - 16:43
    November Blog - Filey

    Well, here we are again in Lockdown! Thankfully, you can still go to school and access support as well as your education!

    I have been working back in school since September and I am seeing lots of anxiety in young people. Please do reach out to a teacher or other school staff if you need someone to talk to – this year has been hard going and you don’t need to keep things to yourself, there are plenty of people who care and who will support you.

    We have also continued to deliver Filey Youth Club all year; albeit online. The sessions haven’t been terribly well attended, but those who have attended have really found them a great connection to other young people, as well as a source of support from Youth Workers. So why not contact me for the access details? Email me mary-ann@ny.org.uk or text me 07398 149516.

    Look out on our social media for some exciting Christmas themed activity session which will be delivered virtually!

    You can find us on Facebook and Instagram – North Yorkshire Youth and Filey Youth Club

  • Friday, October 30, 2020 - 14:32
    How are you celebrating Halloween this year?

    There are plenty of ways to celebrate Halloween that are slightly different from our normal house to house trick or treating. Across North Yorkshire youth clubs are getting creative and involved in community projects to ensure no one misses out this year.

    Settle youth club is hosting a virtual Halloween party via their weekly zoom sessions, everyone will get dressed up and show a spooky make, this could be cooking, drawing or making something to celebrate Halloween. COZIE are joining in the Great Easingwold Pumpkin Trail and Borrowby Kidz are creating a trail where they are colouring in pumpkins and displaying in their windows for children and young people to follow.

    Whatever you do please remember to keep yourself safe and stay within the social distancing guidelines.

  • Monday, October 26, 2020 - 14:27
    Greatwood Youth Club - Skipton

    During Lockdown we have been doing Virtual youth club on ZOOM which has been great fun!  We’ve played lots of games, quizzes and learnt new skills too.

    Now we are back out on the streets doing detached youth work -  Kirsty and Jo are out and about on a Tuesday evening on Greatwood Estate, and Laura and Jo are at the Skate Park in Aireville Park on a Wednesday after school.

    On our travels we’ve talked to lots of young people – some we already know from youth club and some new ones too.   We’ve had some really lovely positive conversations and, on the whole, we were pleased to see that most young people are in small groups, will social distance and have their masks ready to wear when it gets crowded or they go into shops.  Well done everyone!

    As nights get colder and darker we might look at doing some more virtual youth clubs and will be looking for new ideas for our sessions, so let us know what you’d like to do!  Email laura@nyy.org.uk or check out Greatwood Youthclub on Facebook.



  • Monday, October 19, 2020 - 14:35
    Detached youth work in Northallerton

    As our youth clubs are currently unable to open due to Covid Restrictions our Youth Workers are carrying out detached youth work in the communities on youth clubs nights instead.

    As Northallerton Youth Space is unable to open for it’s usual Friday night session the youth club lead from NYY and our fantastic volunteers have been taking to the streets to engage with the young people who would normally attend and others in the community, to ensure we continue our great relationship with them and to let them know we are still here and care. These Covid times have been very hard for everyone, but our young people especially who are at an age when socialising is a major part of their lives and development.

    We are out in all weathers at various times, twice a week in Northallerton and will usually visit the Skate Park, Bullamore Park and Applegarth, you may also sometimes see us up around Ashlands.  We have had some lovely and positive conversations with young people about the fun times they had in Youth Space and how valued it was amongst them, as being somewhere safe to go and somewhere they could get warm, get a hot snack and a safe adult when they needed it. Many have expressed the desire for us to “take youthy out to the park” which we would love to do and as soon as we are able (Covid restrictions currently do not allow) then we will certainly bring activities out and as the colder, darker nights approach (again once we are allowed) we will bring out hot chocolate and snacks where we can. We have had some lovely conversations with the young people we come across, who have always welcomed us approaching them and engaged in conversation with us in a positive and polite manner.  It has been a pleasure to see them again after all this time.

    As soon as we are allowed then Northallerton Youth Space will be open again, along with our other 17 youth cubs across the region. In the mean time we are out and about so please come and say a ‘socially distanced’ hi if you see us about.

  • Tuesday, October 13, 2020 - 15:13
    Final Blog

    The young volunteering project at NYY has now come to an end. We are always still contactable and we can support you by signposting young people to those in their communities that can get them into the life changing and wonderful world of volunteering. Charlotte, Sally and Rachel send HUGE thanks to everyone they have worked with over the past few years and wish everyone’s volunteering journey huge success.

    If you need support to get into volunteering and are aged between 14-25 please get in touch with your area’s development worker or sally@nyy.org.uk and get some signposting help. 

    Charlotte Keable - Selby - charlotte@nyy.org.uk 

    Rachel Rabjohns - Harrogate and Craven - rachel@nyy.org.uk 

  • Tuesday, October 6, 2020 - 12:46
    Tang Hall

    In line with Government and Public Health guidelines around working with young people during the current pandemic, we are still not sure when we will be able to re-open Tang Hall Youth club at the Community Centre.

    Youth workers will be out delivering detached youth work around the area, to engage and chat with young people, as well as offering a range of small group activity sessions outside including Assault Courses, Boot-camp fitness, cycling, running and football/rugby ball skill sessions .

    Collaboration with other agencies including local Councillors, PCSOs, Inspired Youth, GoGet Cycling, York Dance Space, St Nicks Environmental Centre, sports venues and libraries means we can all work closely together to provide support to young people in this tight knit community.

    We have recently been given a number of reusable face masks, Bags of Creativity and other various gift items to share with young people attending our sessions, allowing us to continue engaging and building respect and strong relations with young people living in the Tang Hall area of York

  • Tuesday, September 29, 2020 - 15:30
    Independent Visitor Scheme for Looked After Children

    We have continued to be busy with recruitment of new volunteers for the Independent Visitors Scheme throughout the summer months. By having a team of Independent Visitors in place we are able to offer looked after young people in North Yorkshire the opportunity to develop a positive relationship with a consistent adult who will stick with them for the long term. Independent Visitors are there to listen, offer one to one independent support and advice and go out and about to get involved with fun social and leisure activities.

    We have now managed to recruit and approve eighteen new Independent Visitors, with several more signed up for training. The Independent Visitors we have recruited have impressed us with their insight and understanding of young people, their ability to communicate and build relationships and their eagerness to learn. They are all up for having some fun and getting out and about with young people to share different activities and try some new things. We have Independent Visitors across the county and from a variety of backgrounds and age groups and are feeling confident that we will be able to make some good matches with young people.

    As Independent Visitor Coordinator, I have now met with all social work teams involved with looked after children in North Yorkshire. There has been a lot of interest in the scheme and we are expecting referrals to start to come in the next few months. The impact of covid has inevitably slowed things down but we are now is a good position to take forward links between Independent Visitors and young people. Given current restrictions and uncertainty, it seems more important than ever for young people to be able to establish and maintain social relationships and activities, something that The Independent Visitors Scheme can help them to do.

  • Friday, September 25, 2020 - 16:48
    Whitby Detached

    In the last few weeks, NYY’s youth work teams have resumed street based detached work across the county. Staff follow strict guidance and procedures to keep young people and themselves safe during the current government restrictions.

    Ian & Richard have been walking around the streets and parks of Whitby, packed with their masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and keeping a safe distance from any contacts. Some of the young people they meet are familiar faces from projects and clubs they have delivered, and some are new to the youth team. During detached, workers promote youth opportunities, chat about young people’s experiences regarding their return to school and talk about how they have found the past 6 months during lockdown, along with general banter.

    The attached picture was taken by Ian on Wednesday 16th September, whilst the team walked towards the foreshore from the skate park. As they walked, they noticed something in the sea. After a quick focus, they realised there was a “Bob” of seals fishing close to the shore, picking off sand eels. Just another amazing evening in the life of a detached youth worker in Whitby.

  • Tuesday, September 22, 2020 - 15:12
    NYY Blog

    Hello, we have been very busy at North Yorkshire Youth. Youth Workers are now out and about doing detached youth work (check out our social media pages for details of what time and where to catch up with them in your area).

    Virtual training goes live this week for all workers. If you haven’t seen the email, contact your youth development worker for further details and sign up.

    We have launched a competition this week ‘Lockdown Unleashed’; see our social media pages for  further details. Closing date Friday 23rd October 2020

    Talking of social media, Charlotte Keable is now our social media guru and is busy keeping everyone up to date with tweets, Instagram and Facebook.  Visit her at North Yorkshire Youth Facebook, Twitter: @nyy and Instagram:  northyorkshireyouth and say hello.

    That’s all my news, I hope to see you soon out and about, or on Zoom.  Take care everyone and stay safe. 

    Edwina Anderson.

  • Tuesday, September 1, 2020 - 11:50
    Eastfield Youth Club

    We have been keeping ourselves busy on the coast with a variety of activities via virtual youth club and mentoring. We got involved in the Jo Cox “Great Get Together” and combined the young people from the youth clubs and mentoring – to take part in a special bake off. This produced some amazing results and brought together the young people up and down the coast. In addition to learning valuable life skills, they were rewarded for taking part with a teen choice voucher.

    Looking to the future we are excited to be able to do detached youth work on a Monday evening where we will engage with the young people from the youth club, out and about. We hope to be able to do some scheduled activities until such time as we can return to the venue.

  • Friday, August 28, 2020 - 16:25
    Ping Pong Proposal Passed!

    The Easingwold Youth Council (an NYY Member Club) has been successful in the introduction of an outdoor table tennis table in the memorial park. The group, which includes both members of Easingwold Town Council and local young people, has had its first proposal passed by the Recreation and Open Spaces Committee. The initiative hopes to aid local businesses, and promote healthy lifestyles, by introducing an easy to access and use table tennis table in Easingwold. This will be situated in the memorial park, and will be available for everyone to use. The group is hoping that local shops will be able to provide paddles and balls for the use of the table, or you can bring your own from home. The youth group is also looking forward to putting forward other ideas, such as a basketball hoop, tree planting, football netting and more. We have also ensured that spaces around Easingwold have red boxes available, providing free sanitary products in order to tackle period poverty. The group is also looking for new members, it’s a great way to meet like-minded young people, and get your voice heard within Easingwold and learn how local politics functions. If you are interested, have any questions or ideas you can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or you can email cllr.amanda.gledhill@easingwold.gov.uk to get involved. We look forward to seeing what our new members can offer, as well as what we can achieve in the future!

    James Forsdyke, Easingwold Youth Council Chair.

  • Monday, August 17, 2020 - 12:16
    Filey Youth Club

    Wow! So, this year has been a strange one to say the least!

    Filey youth club hasn’t met in person since March! But Mary-Ann and the Youth Workers, Richard and Charlotte with the help of Ian, have been running our clubs every week online via Zoom.

    The sessions have been brilliant and we have used technology in a completely new way (Mary-Ann is rubbish with tech!).  Playing games, sharing stories, doing quizzes, fitness and dance classes, scavenger hunts, baking, arts and crafts and much more! Here is a picture of one of our young people… but why is she in the loo?

    We hope to get back to some face to face youth club session again soon but, in the meantime, keep an eye on our Facebook pages for updates and information on how to access our virtual clubs!

    If you’d like to attend our virtual clubs you can email Mary-Ann@nyy.org.uk

  • Wednesday, July 29, 2020 - 16:50
    Countywide Quiz

    On Friday 17th July we hosted a countywide quiz via zoom to help celebrate the start of the school summer holidays. We had 7 teams in all, made up of young people and their youth leaders. We had 6 different categories and a picture quiz halfway through. The picture quiz was all about working out references to sweets and chocolate.  There were some that were trickier to work out than others, and others that were just say what you see type clues (and a bit cheesy), it certainly kept us busy for a while. We had a great night and plan to do this again later in the year, being able to do this virtually worked really well enabling us to host a countywide activity, without groups having to travel for hours to get to an event. Well done to Colburn Youth club who were the winning team! Who will take up the challenge of taking them on next time?!

  • Wednesday, July 22, 2020 - 14:38
    KOOTH Virtual Visits

    During these new and strange times NYY youth clubs across the region have been adapting to life in lockdown and discovering new ways of delivering youth club activities.

    As part of this we have also looked at the other services of support for young people in these challenging times and how we can still let young people know about them and signpost to other relevant services.

    The impact on young people’s mental health during the pandemic is likely to be high and NYY have worked with KOOTH to continue to promote their service among young people.

    KOOTH is an anonymous digital mental health support service. It gives children and young people (aged 11 – 18) easy, free access to an online community of peers and a team of experienced counsellors. Young people can sign up themselves with no referral needed. It is ‘text’ based (live or asynchronous messaging) offering a range of therapeutic tools and activities. KOOTH is open 365 days a year with an Out of Hours Service, 12-10pm weekdays, 6-10pm weekends.

    Emma Handford from KOOTH has visited one of our virtual on-line youth clubs already sharing information with young people about the service, how to access it and its benefits. She is set to ‘virtually’ visit a further 7 clubs across North Yorkshire in the coming weeks and hopefully more clubs will want a visit from KOOTH too.


  • Monday, July 6, 2020 - 13:20
    Tang Hall Youth Club

    Along with lots of other organisations North Yorkshire Youth are currently unable to run Youth Clubs or large group activities in the local communities so we have been keeping in touch through other ways such as newsletters, phone calls, texts and messages.

    Virtual Youth Clubs have been available through Zoom for young people to keep in touch with Youth workers and friends with activities including Bingo, games, competitions and group chats.

    Staff also had to put a stop to detached/outreach work, being out and about with young people.   As restrictions are being slowly lifted we are hoping to soon be able to spend time in the parks and green spaces where we can chat with small groups of young people keeping within social distancing guidelines and start to plan future activities. 

    One of the projects we are really keen to get back on track is a poster campaign and short film including spoken word around positive mental health for young people aged 13-18 living in the Tang Hall area as well as getting back to delivering some physical activities such as cycling, dancing, rounders and football before too long.

  • Monday, June 29, 2020 - 12:42
    Kindness Kollections

    Here at North Yorkshire Youth we know that young people are kind, caring and determined. Our ‘Kindness Kollections’ have been highlighting all of our young people’s acts of caring and community spirit, with stories coming from all over our county. Please see our Facebook page if you haven’t yet. Young Volunteers have been helping neighbours, baking for charities, knitting for NHS workers and many, many more amazingly kind acts… and the kindness continues.

  • Tuesday, June 23, 2020 - 14:46
    Independent Visitor Scheme for Looked After Children

    NYY’s Independent Visitor Scheme was launched in December 2019 to establish a network of volunteers across North Yorkshire who will befriend a looked after young person and make a difference to their lives. The scheme provides the young person with the opportunity to develop a trusting, reliable and consistent relationship with an adult who will listen to them, offer one to one independent support and advice as well as supporting their involvement in fun social and leisure activities.

    Needless to say, it has been a tricky time to launch a new project. We were halfway through training our first cohort of volunteers when lock down began. The first two training sessions were traditional group training sessions with everyone in the same room. We moved to online training and zoom sessions for the second half and with not too many technical problems (but a morning spent trying to work out how to put my lap top camera on), we managed to finish the training and had six keen Independent Visitors ready to go.

    Social distancing measures have made it difficult to start the process of matching looked after young people with their Independent Visitors and this was put on hold for a while. The local authority will be promoting the scheme to social workers, foster carers and young people so that we can start to move things forward from July. We hope that through some remote introductions and initially socially distanced meetings, we can slowly start the process of our volunteers and young people getting to know one another and developing the positive relationships we know can be offered by Independent Visitors.

    In the meantime, we have been focussing on recruitment of Independent Visitors so that we are ready to support as many young people as we can, when we can. We have been overwhelmed by the number of people who have come forward who would like to be involved. So far, we have had an additional twenty people who are taking part in interviews and training over the summer. All interviews and training are being done online. This is proving a very effective way of being able to reach people from all over North Yorkshire. We have learned a lot and some of the new approaches we have developed will definitely be part of our future practice.

    Recruitment of volunteers is going to be ongoing and we are happy to hear from anyone who wants to support a young person and can commit to one visit per month for at least two years. There may be a wait to get started but once the start is made, we hope that our Independent Visitors will stick with young people for the long term.

  • Monday, June 15, 2020 - 13:00
    Malton Youth Club

    During this period of social isolation that has prevented youth clubs everywhere from opening, North Yorkshire Youth’s weekly clubs have had to develop new ways of contacting and engaging with the young people who attended their weekly Youth Clubs before Lockdown.

    Like many others, Malton Youth Club have been meeting every week for their Virtual Youth Club via Zoom. The leaders have sent out meeting invites to the young people to log in to the virtual club and join in the different weekly sessions.

    Over the last few months they have participated in a variety of activities including Quizzes, Charades, and Bingo.  Whilst the main activity has changed every week the young people have shown particular favour for a weekly scavenger hunt at the end of each week’s session. The scavenger hunts have all had different themes each week with hunts based on Science items, Colour themes, indoors hunts and a garden scavenger hunt which had the young people running around their yards and garden to find items to bring back to their computers and cameras. This developed in to an unprompted tour of different gardens by the leaders and youth club members.

    Last week’s session was planned by the young people and they held a talent show. We had dancers and singers amongst the skills the young people had practiced and performed.  Laura the Senior Worker joined the members with Makaton performance of “This Is Me” from The Greatest Showman.

    Next week the group are baking Mug Cakes, fingers crossed they all have a delicious cake to eat at the end of the session.

  • Tuesday, June 2, 2020 - 13:28
    Borrowby Kidz

    Borrowby Kidz is a lively, traditional youth club run by Sally, every month. It’s a great opportunity for the young people to get together with their friends and chill at the end of the week. The age range goes from top end primary school (about 9/10 years old) up to 13/14 years old so it’s a really good example of the young people supporting each other over the transition from primary to secondary school. They do loads of activities and community projects, and were geared up to do a food bank ‘give’ as part of Easter when COVID-19 made us all have to go into lockdown.

    This didn’t stop Borrowby Kidz and straightaway Sally and I planned to run a virtual club. We got an online policy ready and adapted the normal youth club rules to suit the new online club. I got a quiz ready and Sally and I practiced a Zoom call! Sally got the information out to parents and we all met online less than a week after lockdown was declared! It went really well and the young people gave us 100% feedback, asking for more! It’s easy to think young people are tech savvy and know more than us adults but actually, meeting like this enabled some of the young people to gain the confidence to contact their friends virtually for the first time. Hopefully the club helped them regain a little bit of normality at a very unusual and potentially difficult time.

     Panda Gledhill

    Youth Development Worker for Hambleton

  • Thursday, May 28, 2020 - 12:47
    Filey Youth Club

    Coronavirus has affected us all, not least our young people! But the students that I work with in Filey are coping pretty well! Many have been in regular contact via text and continue to reach out when they need some extra support. We have been working really hard to ensure our service is not diluted – just adapted to ensure as many opportunities to socialise, seek out support and learn are available to young people of Filey and the surrounding areas.

    Our weekly youth club is certainly a highlight for us. Yes, like many other North Yorkshire Youth Clubs, Filey Youth Club is still running! We may be online, but we have done arts and crafts, played games such as bingo, done quizzes, sports activities and even some baking! We’ve had some great feedback from our attendees and the staff are certainly excited about still being able to engage with young people and provide a safe space to share, learn and have fun!

    We will be continuing these Virtual Youth Clubs for as long as necessary – so if you haven’t already, why not “come along”? We’d love to see you there!

    Stay safe, stay healthy,


    Youth Mentor, Filey

  • Wednesday, May 20, 2020 - 15:41
    Online Virtual Youth Clubs

    With the current situation, North Yorkshire Youth as an organisation are having to adapt from traditional youth clubs and go ‘online’. Across the county we are delivering virtual youth clubs using a video networking platform. Although we are not engaging all youth club members, a good number of young people are joining their local club for the session.

    Virtual Youth Clubs have been using different engaging activities during the sessions including: Scavenger hunts, Crafts, Mug Cakes, Quizzes, Den building as well as lots, lots more. If you have any activity ideas that could be used at within a session then please contact your local worker.

  • Wednesday, May 13, 2020 - 13:43
    Tang Hall May 2020

    Like much of the country, and across the world, normal service has been put on hold due to Coronavirus, so regular youth activities are currently postponed until it is safe to restart them.

    In the Tang Hall area current activities, Youth Clubs, outreach and detached youth work are no longer being offered to young people in the way we have been used to.

    Sue Shooter, Youth Mentor working in the area on behalf of North Yorkshire Youth and funded by Tang Hall Big Local, is still busy working behind the scenes to support young people living in the Tang Hall area.  This work is being carried out by one to one contact over the phone, through text or messenger and by sending information out in the post.

    Regular newsletters for young people have been posted out across the locality. They have also been handed out with any food parcels families may have collected or had delivered from Tang Hall Community Centre.  The newsletters include information, recipes, activities and ways to contact Sue, for those wanting support or a chat during this difficult time.

    A weekly virtual Youth Club is also being offered through Zoom, young people can join in with fun games, chats and group discussions around topics or issues they are interested in.

    Hopefully, as restrictions start to be lifted, Sue, Charlotte and Freya will be able to be visible in the community again and, before too long, to meet young people.

  • Tuesday, April 28, 2020 - 12:00

    In these unprecedented times NYY staff have found themselves like many others, working from home. NYY have gone virtual with meetings and our youth clubs, which has been a learning curve. We have continued to not only run our own services virtually but also access and learn from others.

    The Youth Development Team at NYY have recently received some fantastic on-line training from Emma Handford from KOOTH which informed all our staff about the great service that they offer to young people and we are now able to share this information with young people in our youth clubs and projects.

    KOOTH is a safe, free, anonymous mental health counselling and well-being service, specifically for young people aged 11 to 18 years old. Available in a simple and easy to use, free App, young people can receive professional counselling. There is a chat facility where young people can talk/text qualified counsellors, read articles written by young people, get support from the KOOTH community, write a daily journal, mood tracking, self-help materials as well as access useful information and links. It is currently available to over half a million 12 to 25 year olds in England and Wales.

    NYY staff were extremely impressed by this service and have shared this information among our young people, youth clubs, via social media and with other members of NYY. We hope by doing so we are highlighting a service that young people can access, especially at a time when things are so uncertain and unusual and when mental health and well-being is more important than ever.

  • Thursday, April 23, 2020 - 14:56
    Hello from Lockdown!

    Hello from Lockdown!

    During this unusual and difficult time we are hosting Virtual Youth Clubs across North Yorkshire.

    In the Richmondshire area there are 3 virtual youth clubs at the moment; Leyburn, Risedale and Colburn. These are weekly and are delivered on the same day and rough timings youth club would normally be on.  The virtual youth clubs are hosted by myself and the youth workers from each club.

    These groups are live on Zoom as follows:

     Monday - Colburn 5:30-6:15   Leyburn 6:30-7:15

    Tuesday - Risedale 7:30-8:15

    Wednesday - Colburn 5:30-6:15

    We now have a core group of young people who sign in every week, with a few who drop in and out, this is amazing and we are trying all ways to get more young people to sign up.

    What happens at a virtual youth club?

    Most sessions start with everyone saying how their week has been, how they are feeling, how they are coping, what activities they have been doing, if they have been out for exercise - just a general chat.

    This is usually followed by an activity, several of the groups enjoy a quiz and everyone in Risedale is taking it in turns to write one and ask the questions. (Very diverse from a geography round to Unicorns and Disney). The answers are read out which sometimes causes great debate as to if it’s right or not and scores are shared - always in good spirits

    Next we do an activity, some activities we have shared with the young people have been stone painting and writing positive messages on them, scavenger hunts inside and outside and internet safety. Young people have some ideas of their own, sharing recipes, sharing information and pictures of their pets, doodle art and picture painting. We have even managed to start Young Leaders with one young person who is working on delivering either a quiz or a baking activity, she has been practicing her baking and trying it out on her family.

    The virtual youth clubs are different but the young people and youth workers are making the most of it and coming up with some great quizzes and activities.

    Look on the North Yorkshire Youth Facebook page for details of a virtual youth club in your area.

    Keep safe everyone and keep in touch.

  • Tuesday, March 17, 2020 - 14:46
    Greatwood Youth Club

    Greatwood youth club in Skipton love to bake, cook and make food.  Here are some of our latest creations……

  • Monday, March 9, 2020 - 10:50
    A Young People’s Forum for Change in Easingwold

    We’ve been discussing setting up an initiative to aid people experiencing period poverty. Period poverty occurs when young teenage girls can’t afford to purchase sanitary products, and subsequently often results in girls missing out on education because they can’t attend school.  We believe that we must do as much as possible to provide free sanitary products to girls and women in Easingwold. Hopefully soon ‘Red Boxes’ containing such free products will be distributed around the public places within Easingwold.

    We are going to put forward a proposal to the council for sports equipment for Easingwold. Ideas have included an outdoor table tennis table or gym equipment, a set of basketball nets, and introduction of bike racks to encourage cycling. Such ideas will be beneficial to the environment, and hopefully will reduce illness through the encouragement of exercise. This idea (if approved) may hopefully encourage people to be more sociable and improve the social atmosphere in Easingwold. We believe that local businesses will benefit from this, by being able to sell sports accessories and equipment, hopefully encouraging a positive cycle of health and fitness.  Other ideas we have been working on include, sports events to promote physical and psychological fitness, music and drama production spaces so that young people can engage in their hobbies with other like-minded individuals, and possibly introducing fast charging points to encourage the use of electric vehicles around Easingwold.

    Written by James Forsdyke on behalf of the Easingwold Youth Council, a North Yorkshire Youth member club.

  • Monday, March 2, 2020 - 11:08
    Spectrum Youth Club

    Spectrum Youth Club runs on a Monday evening from The Barn in Tadcaster. The Club Is open for young people aged 14-25 who have special needs. These can be categorised as physical, emotional, learning disabilities, people on the autistic spectrum or simply young people who need a more supportive and inclusive social group.

    The club is run by a mix of parents, carers and professionals who volunteer their time to create a safe and friendly environment to give these young people the opportunity to develop friendships and reduce social isolation that many experience.

    Currently the club are delivering a 6 week Feel Good Project through Purple Patch Arts. The aim of this is to provide inclusive, fun, informal learning opportunities that are designed to be accessible to all. They are currently learning about different countries from around the world using varying activities to understand the sights, sounds and smells of these locations.

    As well as this the club offer a wide range of activities, including: arts and crafts, cooking/baking, pool, table tennis, sports, music and lots lots more!

  • Monday, March 2, 2020 - 11:04
    Filey Youth Club

    Filey Youth Club has been meeting out of St Johns Church Hall for just over 12 months now. When we first moved there, the young people were disappointed at losing the previous space which was a purpose built youth centre, with tv, games consoles, pool table etc. St John’s Church have been more than welcoming and although we don’t have the all singing all dancing venue, we do have space and are well looked after!

    We have use of a huge kitchen, so can have plenty of young people involved in cooking and baking. We have plenty of storage and with some wonderfully kind donations, now have a couple of games consoles and TVs, we have portable speakers, games and the best bit is a huge space to play sports! Young people love to come and play dodge ball in the huge hall upstairs! We have a pool table which the Church sourced for us and the local Table Tennis Club kindly offer use of their equipment! Brilliant!

    We have even been working alongside Scarborough Rugby Union Football Club which has been funded by North Yorkshire Sport. Stuart Smyth, SRUFCs Youth Development Officer has been delivering all kinds of activities every week for the last 8 weeks. The young people have really engaged well in this and the physical activity in the club has definitely increased!

    Some feedback from our young people – “We love the rugby people!” “I have really enjoyed doing the sports activities, getting some exercise and having a laugh with my friends” “Can we do some outside rugby when the weather gets better?”

    Other popular activities at Filey Youth Club include Arts and Crafts and S.T.E.M activities! We always have some bits and bobs and the staff and young people are great at working together to create something from nothing much, but quality, relevant and exciting resources are expensive – so imagine our excitement when one Wednesday evening a lady popped in with an envelope full of cash! £177 to be exact; raised through a St John’s Church Community Lunch event! After some consultation with the Club, that fabulous donation has been spent on, bath bomb kits, tie dye kits, Bracelet making kits and lip balm kits!

    We’re all very excited to get creative with this and learn about the science behind making cosmetics!

    We have lots planned for the coming months at Filey Youth Club; some partner work with Filey Library, Filey Sailing Club and more activities with SRUFC! Filey Youth Club has brilliant, creative young people, who ask for what they want and then a wonderful community who want to support making these things happen!


  • Wednesday, February 12, 2020 - 17:32
    Pannal Youth Club

    Pannal Youth Club had a visit from their local PSCO, Bex Moorhouse, who came in to talk about her job and how young people can keep themselves safe whilst out and about and online. There were lots of good questions asked and the highlight for the group was to sit in the police car and set the sirens off. Pannal Youth club is a new youth club led by volunteers, the group meets on a Wednesday 6.30-8pm and are looking for new members, young people in school years 5 -9 and also volunteers to support the group.

  • Tuesday, February 11, 2020 - 11:36
    The Red Box Project

    The Red Box Project is a community-based, not-for-profit initiative, to support young people throughout their periods by providing red boxes filled with free period products.

    It was founded in March 2017 by three friends who wanted to give young people in their local area access to sanitary products. After reading about ‘Period Poverty‘ in the news, they were angered at the idea that young people were missing out on their education because they couldn’t afford the products they needed during their period.

    The project now runs nationwide, people group together, set up Red Boxes filled with tampons, pads etc. which are then delivered into local schools and has provided more than 3750 red boxes in schools and other educational settings across the UK.

    I approached The Red Box Project on behalf of all the North Yorkshire Youth to see if it would be possible to be donated boxes for each of our direct delivery youth clubs; where staff have encountered young people who are unable to afford sanitary products or who have been in embarrassing situations as a result of this. I felt it would be beneficial for young people to know that our youth clubs are a place where they can access these essential products when needed during youth club evenings but also receive help at youth club, discreetly, should they require a small supply to take away with them if needed.

    The Red Box project were extremely accommodating and were able to kit out a red box full to the brim of sanitary products for all 17 of our direct delivery clubs and these should now be in place in place at each club. These should last sometime, however the Red Box project are on hand should supplies get low.

    It may be something worth letting our voluntary club members/contacts know about to either approach the Red Box Project themselves or to use the idea and set up their own donations box in a prominent place within their local community to be filled by members of the public/community for their youth club. The boxes are also a great way to stimulate conversation with young people around the topic of periods or period poverty, to address the stigmas, questions or worries young people may have around the subject.


    Jayne Shackleton, Youth Participation Worker

  • Tuesday, January 28, 2020 - 16:56
    Youth Development Worker - Richmondshire

    Hello, my name is Edwina Anderson and I am the new Youth Development Worker for Richmondshire.

    I’m busy visiting all the provision in the area and looking forward to catching up with old and new faces.

    A new update booklet of what’s on will be available soon, but if you would like any further information on youth clubs and youth activities in the area please contact me edwina@nyy.org.uk

    See you soon

  • Monday, January 20, 2020 - 15:40
    Tang Hall Youth Club

    Tang Hall Youth Club runs on Wednesday evenings 6-7pm in the Community Centre, which is right in the heart of the community.  Between 15-30 young people aged between 11 and 14 attend the Youth Club regularly.  They are able to join in a range of activities including arts and crafts, team games, card and board games, dance and music, baking, sports or just chilling.  Young people are actively encouraged to be involved in the planning of themes or activities. Visitors and guest speakers are always welcome to come along and talk to the young people.

    The Youth club, along with youth activities in the area, are able to run thanks to funding and support from Tang Hall Big Local following consultation in the community.

  • Friday, January 17, 2020 - 16:42
    Volunteer Co-ordinator Blog

    Happy New Year from everyone at North Yorkshire Youth!  As volunteer co-ordinators we are looking at getting a bit more hands on ourselves in the coming year and we are very excited by the idea! Our one to one brokering is still part of our role but in addition we are going to start some more project based work.  This will help support our young people that might need that little bit more from us, so they can get the most from their volunteering experiences. We are actively encouraging pre-existing groups of young people to get involved too, so that support can be peer led and the young people can really get their teeth into something that is important to them. Together we can help our young people have real social impact in their communities and we are really looking forward to it: BRING ON THE CHANGES 2020!!!!  

  • Friday, January 17, 2020 - 16:30
    North Yorkshire Youth Donate to Homeless Charities

    Once again North Yorkshire Youth have donated sleeping bags, roll mats and travel pillows to homeless charities across North Yorkshire.

    Pictured are Panda, Jayne and Sally with some of the equipment that was recently given to HOPING Street Kitchen in York, Ripon Homeless and Thirsk Homeless Organisation.


  • Friday, January 10, 2020 - 11:34
    Christmas for the community from Sherburn Youth Club

     Sherburn Youth Club runs on a Monday evening from Sherburn Children’s Centre. Each year the club create a display to showcase to the community in the Library. This year saw a fantastic Christmas Tree structure created by the young people who attend the club. They used a wooden crate which they had to paint, measure and cut to size, they then decorated it with lovely handmade creations made from cornflour and PVA glue.

  • Tuesday, November 26, 2019 - 16:05
    Getting Creative on a Canal Boat!

    Young people in the Craven area got the chance to take part in the Watershed project during November. This was a new initiative to explore different art forms whilst taking inspiration from the industrial heritage of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal in Skipton. Activities on offer were Zine making, photography, sound recording, and creative writing. On the longer sessions, on a Sunday, they were able to have a trip along the canal, try their hand at steering and help with the swing bridges.

    There was some amazing work created over the 6 sessions and we are hoping to hold an exhibition soon. The project was delivered by IVE, Canal Connections and the Writing Squad, and was made possible through funding from The Lakes and Dales Great Place Fund.

  • Wednesday, November 20, 2019 - 16:21
    Tang Hall Youth Club

    Tang Hall Youth Club runs weekly in the local community centre for 11-14 year olds and has been running for almost nine months.  At the end of the summer term the number of attendees had risen to 30. One evening there was a small incident resulting in the fire alarm being set off and a slide being broken in the play area.  The Youth Club had a break over the summer while the play equipment was replaced.  A temporary venue was used as well as our detached/outreach activities to continue engaging with some of the young people in the local community.   We also carried out an informal consultation around future provision.

    The Youth Club is now back in the centre and the young people feel their views and ideas have been listened to.  Staff are happy and things are running smoothly again with good numbers in the venue that young people and their families feel is safe and suitable.

  • Wednesday, November 13, 2019 - 10:30
    JAM Create

    These beautiful poppies were made for Remembrance Day by the young people of two NYY member clubs, JAM and COZIE in Easingwold. They were made during the JAM Create; specific sessions funded by Hambleton District Council for the young people to work with volunteers and artists to explore issues such as community, self-awareness, giving to others and environment. Congratulations to all involved for such a wonderful and moving piece of art.

    Panda (Youth Development Worker for Hambleton)

  • Monday, November 11, 2019 - 13:19
    North Yorkshire Youth AGM and Activity Day

    On Saturday 26th October we held our Annual General Meeting at Carlton Lodge.

    The Youth Development Team contacted the Youth Clubs they support across the county to invite them to join us on the day and take part in activities. Groups were sent booking forms and all the consent paperwork they needed for the day. The Youth Development Team asked the leaders to RSVP numbers, so they could plan the day. Rachel took on the role of organising the youth numbers for the day and planned activities and instructors with George (Head of Centre).

    On the morning of the AGM the sky was dark, with light rain for the majority of the day. Despite the poor weather, youth groups from as far as Staithes, Carrick and Scarborough travelled across the county to attend the day. Excluding leaders, we had 49 young people take part in Canoeing, High Ropes, Archery, Problem Solving and Axe Throwing. Several leaders joined in the activities if group numbers allowed, before being whisked in to the AGM meeting at 1pm, along with the NYY Trustees and invited guests. After the meeting was completed they rejoined their groups  to participate in the afternoons events.

    The rain gave way after lunch and groups completed their planned sessions in slightly better conditions. Regardless of the poor weather the youth groups all seemed to have an amazing day, despite being slightly wet and cold.

    The Youth Development Team are already looking forwards to next year – “Save the date” emails will be sent out over the summer holiday period.


  • Monday, November 4, 2019 - 12:47
    Eastfield Youth Club

    Eastfield Youth Club has been running now for nearly a year. A few weeks in, we found the one thing that always brings everyone together – football. It is a great way to let off steam and with some really excellent players, is something that we look forward to every week. We are lucky that the community sports court is behind the club. With the help from North Yorkshire Sport, we are now able to hire the Astroturf at the local leisure centre, once every few weeks, making for a really professional and exciting 60 minutes. We now have bibs and balls donated from a local club, who knows, we may even get a team together……..watch this space!!

  • Monday, September 30, 2019 - 16:52
    Harrogate Youth Chess Club

    For those young people in school years 7 to 13 who enjoy strategic thinking, problem solving and a bit of friendly competition, Harrogate Youth Chess Club may be just the thing.

    Not everyone likes school PE lessons or traditional sports like football and netball.  Physical exercise is an important element of our general health, but so are sports which strengthen our mental health.

    Andrew Zigmond decided to set up the club for those who already play and enjoy this strategic sport as well as for those who liked the idea of a quieter pastime.

    Chess is a game which tests our ability to plan ahead and problem solve.  It exercises both sides of our brains.  It improves our spatial awareness.  It improves our memory and helps prevent conditions like Dementia.  It increases creativity and improves our concentration.  All that from a board game.

    Harrogate Youth Chess club runs on a Thursday from 6.30 – 8pm at St Roberts Social Club and costs just £3 for 1:1 tuition, group tuition, games and competitions as well as friendship and fun!

    Contact Andrew for more information.

  • Monday, September 30, 2019 - 12:31
    UCI Legacy Project
  • Friday, September 20, 2019 - 13:27
    Annual General Meeting
  • Tuesday, September 17, 2019 - 16:16
    Drugs Awareness Session


    The young people in COZIE, Easingwold had a visit from Jayne, NYY Participation worker with her box of (fake!) drugs! It was a really good opportunity for the young people to have a look at the ‘drugs’ and ask questions about them in a safe in a non-judgemental environment. The young people were engaged and honest saying “I think it was very informative about drug use whilst keeping a calm and friendly tone”.

    Kate, the youth worker for COZIE said “It was a really good session and it really started the conversation around drugs. We will be able to develop this in the coming weeks too. Even I got to learn a few things too!”

  • Thursday, September 5, 2019 - 14:13
    Tri- Golf Games

    Over the summer our Youth Development Worker, Richie, was kindly lent a tri-golf kit by Richmond Golf Club.  This was put to great use at St. Gregory’s Youth Club, Crakehall near Bedale, as part of their families BBQ session.  Also, indoors at Catterick Leisure Centre's Friday night Youth Zone, to offer something new to the young people attending. Games involved teams working together to score points, whilst trying to miss the hazards to hit the target. During the indoor session, young people were also able to work on their techniques and have a go at a range of fun putting games, which improves timing, accuracy and patience. 

  • Tuesday, August 20, 2019 - 14:46
    Save The Date – NYY AGM Saturday 26th October 2019

    The Youth Development Team (YDT) are busy planning for this year’s AGM / Activity Day. The team have sent out “Save The Date “ emails asking the voluntary youth groups affiliated with NYY membership to save Saturday 26th October 2019.The early reminder is so youth groups who are interested in bringing a group of 11-19 year olds across to Carlton Lodge for an activity day and AGM meeting, can start planning. The YDT are working with the Carlton Lodge instructors to plan a range of activities across the day for groups to take part in across the day.

    At previous AGM / Activity days young people have enjoyed raft building, canoeing and the rope bridge on the lake. Teams of young people tried their skills at archery and challenged their fear of heights on the high ropes and zip wire. Scavenger hunts, team building activities and climbing wall have also been offered across the day. Towards the end of the lunch break the Youth Group Leaders have joined the North Yorkshire Youth Committee for the AGM meeting to look at the previous year of trading and to elect any new members to the NYY committee, or make any new appointments on to the board.

    If you are an NYY affiliated youth group, please save Saturday 26th October 2019 and join us for what we hope will be another fun filled day of adrenaline activities, along with other young people from across North Yorkshire.  Booking information and details will follow in the coming weeks.

    Hope to see you all there.


  • Tuesday, August 20, 2019 - 14:39
    Deer Shed Day!

    In July the Deer Shed Festival hosted a schools day.  450+ junior school pupils gathered at Queen Mary’s school in Baldersby, in order to participate in den making, willow weaving, sports, games, crafts, pom-pom making and lots, lots more…

    All of these lucky children were ably supported by many volunteers, including a wonderful group of young volunteers from North Yorkshire Youth!

    Eight volunteers aged between 14 and 21 worked their socks off, in order to make sure their activities were delivered to all of the children in a caring, helpful and professional way. The volunteers not only enjoyed their day, but they also helped develop transferrable skills, useful in the wide world!

    North Yorkshire Youth were very proud to enable the volunteers to have a day doing something creative, supportive and fun to boot…

  • Tuesday, July 30, 2019 - 12:53

    Filey Youth Club have built great relationships within our community over the last few months.  We have had 3 different workshops with Bike About Filey with more planned.  These will be funded by the super donation from our local community interest magazine, Filey Bay Today.

    Our litter picking efforts have not only been great for our sense of community spirit but have also been celebrated. Mary-Ann recently accepted a certificate on behalf of Filey Youth Club from Town Mayor Jacqui Houlden-Banks.

    We have also recently been awarded a £100 donation from Filey Rotary, which will be spent on resources.

    The Youth Mentor project is new to Filey and over the academic year so far Mary-Ann has supported over 20 young people. Working relationships with both the secondary and junior school in Filey have gone from strength to strength and this has allowed Mary-Ann to focus on the young people and their outcomes.  Improved engagement in education, improved self-esteem and confidence and accessing opportunities which will enhance informal learning and improve connections within their community, are just some of those outcomes met among the cohort.

    The summer will allow time for evaluation and further improvement to the way Youth Mentoring works in Filey.  We will most certainly build on the great success so far, as well as building and fostering more links within the community, providing more opportunities for the young people of Filey.


  • Monday, July 15, 2019 - 09:50
    Claro Barracks Youth Club

    Last month Rachel and I visited Claro Barracks Youth Club to meet with the young people and volunteers.  Claro Barracks is on the outskirts of Ripon and houses several hundred service men and women and their families.

    The visit was arranged by Michael Bailey, the Community Support Development Worker with the Army Welfare Service.  Michael runs a weekly youth club on the base with a small team of volunteers and was keen to invite partners along.

    The club is run within the perimeter of the base and so access is often difficult for those not directly involved with the Army.  Rachel and I got permission to go onto the base; Rachel to speak to those aged 14 and above about volunteering in the community, whereas I went with some activities for everyone to enjoy.

    The families who are based at Claro Barracks don’t always know how long they will be resident there and so ties in the local community are often short term or fractured.  Michael is keen to engage the youth club members in more community based events and projects, as he appreciates that it’s often difficult for them to mix with those living ‘outside the wire’ of the base.  The visit was extremely successful; links being made with the volunteers, who took information away on a variety of local projects including Squigglers Art Club and Ripon Youth Café.

    Claire Thompson from Squigglers art club recently submitted a funding application to Harrogate Borough Council for a UCI cycling themed ceramics project.  The application included information on the youth club and how the Army relish opportunities for their families to interact within the communities where they are stationed.  Michael has been invited to bring his group along to the 5 art sessions where they will hopefully meet new friends and gain confidence to join other groups in the city.


  • Thursday, July 4, 2019 - 15:36
    National Vegetarian Week at North Yorkshire Youth

    National Vegetarian Week at North Yorkshire Youth

    The 13th – 19th May was National Vegetarian Week. North Yorkshire Youth were thrilled to receive £200 of funding from The Vegetarian Society towards creating vegetarian themed evenings throughout ten of our 17 Direct Delivery Youth Clubs.

    This funding allowed young people to try new foods, expand their taste buds and see vegetarian food in a new light. The young people who attended all took part in preparing and cooking the food, offering a chance to learn new skills and work as a team. Leaflets and information were provided on vegetarian diet and choices.

    The evenings also incorporated National Mental Health Awareness week, the focus this year being body image, so the whole theme worked well in raising awareness of healthy body and mind.  Some youth clubs also benefitted from visits from the Healthy Choices Teams who raised awareness on healthy diet and lifestyles choices.

    Every Youth Club made a real effort to embrace the vegetarian theme. Eastfields and Filey were treated to vegetarian BBQ’s, including vegetable and fruit kebabs, as well as corn on the cob, which many young people had not tried before. Our Harrogate clubs sampled non-meat alternatives such as ‘Not Bacon Butties’. At Greatwood & Horseclose Youth Club they were lucky enough to experience home-made ‘chocolate’ humous, which they made from scratch with the help of one of our amazing community volunteers. Risedale, Leyburn and Bedale Youth Clubs planted herbs to take home and learnt how they can be used in cooking. The local Tesco at Catterick were also informed of our night and wanted to support by providing free fruit, which was enjoyed. Even in the venues where the kitchen facilities were limited the funding was fully utilised and appreciated, offering an array of cold buffets with a fine spread of vegetarian choices. A very healthy and fun week had by all.

  • Tuesday, July 2, 2019 - 14:15
    Rural Steps

    The North Yorkshire Youth – Youth Clubs have been treated to some free taster sessions from a new project called Rural Steps.

    The project promotes contemporary dance with a view to establishing six youth dance programmes in Skipton, Ingleton, Northallerton, Thirsk, Harrogate and Scarborough.  These will be led with a strong focus on engaging young people not previously involved in dance and making it more accessible.

    Our sessions were run within our usual busy youth clubs and the young people were brave enough to give it a go and had great fun with the professional dancers, putting forward ideas and creating their own unique routine. We also were generously given free fruit by Tesco in some of the clubs which was thoroughly enjoyed on the night.

    In Jennyfields Youth Club young people had the idea to dance the same routine they had learnt to three different styles of music, highlighting how differently dance can be interpreted or expressed. One of the pieces of music used was actually produced by one of the young people who attends the youth club.

    The dance projects are inclusive sessions, where anyone of all abilities can join in and there is no need to buy professional gear, just wear whatever is comfortable. Each Dance project will also have a budget enabling young people who attend the new dance clubs to experience professional dance.  Groups will work with the professional artists to create a performance segment for York Theatre Royal’s Dance It Up North in Autumn 2019.  An exciting opportunity which has now been shared and made available to the young people in our Youth Clubs. We would like to wish the Rural Steps and Youth Dance Projects every success and thank them for taking the time to come into our youth clubs and share contemporary dance with our young people.

  • Monday, June 17, 2019 - 10:00
    York Pride 2019

    On Saturday 8th June, Ian, Panda & Vicki attended York Pride 2019.

     After setting up the NYY stand alongside Barnardo’s on the Knavesmire, Ian set off into the city to meet Vicki and Panda, outside York Minster, to walk the Pride Parade. Along with two ladies from Barnardo’s we took our place in line to carry the Barnardo’s banner, with around a thousand other revellers. The parade started at St Helens Square, outside the Minster at 12pm and travelled through the centre of York and out towards the Knavesmire via Bishopthorpe road, ending at the Pride Site on the Race Course. The city centre was lined with spectators waving flags, cheering and clapping the many varied support groups, schools and individuals who walked the 2.2.mile parade. Rain had descended intermittently throughout the morning, but came down continually for the entirety of the parade. Even though the participants of the parade were wet, spirits were high and we carried our banners through the rain, waving back at the well-wishers lining the route. Bishopthorpe road was lined with supporters on the streets and families holding garden parties pushing the march on towards the start of the pride festivities.

    The Pride site was full of LGBT+ information stalls, trade stands, a fair ground,  and stage which were all being battered with rain, but the crowds still filled the site. Gareth Gates headlined the main stage, along with singers and dancers across the day.

    As the NYY LGBT Champions entered the site we went to find our gazebo next to the Barnardo's stand to find no gazebo. I was informed that whilst on the parade the wind had uprooted our gazebo, which was then wrestled to the ground by a team of Police officers from the neighbouring stand, accompanied by Ben from Barnardo’s. Ben had been stood next to his information stall under his brand new umbrella, which also took collateral damage.

    Well done to everyone involved in organising York Pride 2019 and the many supporters for coming out on a very wet day to support diversity and equality in York, North Yorkshire and the world.


  • Monday, June 3, 2019 - 13:01
    Volunteer Week
  • Tuesday, May 28, 2019 - 12:22
    Spring time fun in Coverdale

    Last month saw a free activities afternoon being organised for local children and young people from the small rural village of Carlton in Coverdale.

    The event was held at Coverdale Memorial Hall, which boasts fantastic indoor and outdoor facilities with a desire to offer more youth provision, especially in the school holidays.

    The 2 hour session included football, rounders, circus skills, hot dogs with juice and snacks, as well as arts and other team games. To finish, the 8 young people who attended were able to give feedback and recommendations about future youth provision, which will be fed back at the next memorial hall committee meeting.

    To keep the ball rolling, there has been an archery session arranged in the May half term for the young people to look forward to.


  • Tuesday, May 28, 2019 - 12:19
    Celebration of Youth Family Day

    This brilliant day organised by Pickering and District Rotary Club had over 500 visitors! It was a fabulous showcase for all things youth in the Pickering area. The uniformed groups were there – Scouts, Guides, Army Cadets, St John’s Ambulance. There was a theatre group, band, canoe club, young farmers, Ryedale Environmental Group and of course North Yorkshire Youth! The police brought their van and the fire service did a live re-enactment of a car crash rescue, cutting through the windscreen with a huge pair of shears as we watched!

    Ian and I felt very welcomed with our pop-up youth club, we talked a lot about what we do and networked with EVERYONE!

  • Friday, May 10, 2019 - 12:38
    Partnership Support

    I received an email from a gentleman enquiring if I could support him with a new Chess Club in Harrogate.  He was already involved with an existing club but had plans to extend the provision to secondary school age players.  He had decided to setup on his own but needed advice on how best to promote the new project.

    When I asked how he came about my email address he said he was advised by a friend to contact an organisation with experience of supporting community groups to get advice around policies and safeguarding.  Internet research led him to Community 1st Yorkshire who during conversations with him acknowledged that North Yorkshire Youth were better placed to support him and so gave him my contact details.

    This initial enquiry has resulted in me working with the gentleman to get the right paperwork in place for membership with North Yorkshire Youth along with coming up with ideas on how best to promote the project in the local area.

    I telephoned Community 1st Yorkshire to update them and say thank you for suggesting that he contact me for support.  Admitting when we aren’t the most appropriate person for the task in hand can be difficult but one which Community 1st Yorkshire were happy to do in support of NYY.


  • Thursday, May 2, 2019 - 10:50
    Surfing at Cayton Bay, Scarborough

    During the Easter Break eleven young people from Scarborough & Ryedale Carers Resource attended a surfing day at Cayton Bay, Scarborough.

    On arrival at the Surf Shop the task of getting into the wet suits was a test in itself. Once kitted up the group then carried their boards down to the beach.  They were shown basic techniques on how to use the surf board and catch a wave. They were then supported in the water by Chris from the Wave Project, an instructor from The Cayton Bay Surf Shop and Ian from NYY.

    The day was the first time some of the young people had met each other.  Alongside the surfing, the day was designed as a team bonding session, as the group are all going on a sailing residential at the end of May. They will be spending a weekend aboard the 70 foot James Cook, which is designed to be sailed by young people, many of whom come from non-sailing backgrounds. The young people will be fully involved in sailing the boat, which I am sure will be an experience for all crew members.

    Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day out on the North Sea and all fully immersed themselves in the surfing.

    Next Challenge, Sailing Weekend 31st May – 2nd June 2019.


  • Tuesday, April 16, 2019 - 15:57
    Volunteering Opportunities at the Deer Shed Festival

    Schools day with the Deer Shed Festival is shaping up to be an amazing day’s volunteering for our young volunteers. Drama, dance, music, outdoor activities, arts and crafts and science are all in the mix for our volunteers to support groups of primary children to get involved in!

    The Deer Shed Festival is a family run event, for families and understands the importance of getting our young people involved.  Who would think that a grand day volunteering can help create a list of skills and experiences that can be carried through life and transferred to any number of careers and opportunities?

    Places are limited so if anyone you know would like to join in at the Deer Shed then let Sally know quick, quick! Sally@nyy.org.uk

    If you would like to volunteer or you know someone aged 14-25 that might benefit then get in touch, not just for the Deer Shed but with any number of different organisations.


    Hambleton Area: Sally@nyy.org.uk

    Harrogate Area: Rachel@nyy.org.uk

    Selby Area: Charlotte@nyy.org.uk

  • Wednesday, April 3, 2019 - 16:43
    North Yorkshire Youth Proud to be on the Winning Team


    North Yorkshire Youth’s LGBT Champions Panda, Vicki and Ian (pictured here with CEO David and Youth Participation Worker Jayne) were given the chance to be part of the group receiving a special award last week! North Yorkshire County Council came first in this year’s Stonewall Education Equality Index beating all other local authorities across the country! Partnership work has enabled us to come together to celebrate difference and support our wonderful young people!


  • Thursday, March 28, 2019 - 09:49
    Filey Youth Club

    Filey Youth Club have been working hard to make links in the local community.  We are also trying to find ways of raising funds to enable us to provide more active and relevant activities in our club. The club recently submitted a bid for funding from a Community Interest Company, Filey Bay Today, which is a community magazine. Funds raised through advertising in the magazine is then awarded to local projects and charities.

    We are very excited to have been awarded some funding! This has allowed us to invite Bike About Filey into our club in the coming weeks.  They will deliver bicycle maintenance workshops so that our young people can be confident that their bikes are safe to use and know how to fix them when they are out and about.

    We have also made links with Filey Library, Filey Lifeboat RNLI Crew and Keep Filey Tidy.  We are looking forward to working with them in the coming months to make positive contributions to the community. Filey library have asked us to produce some Space Themed sculptural art work to support and promote the Summer Reading Challenge. Filey Lifeboat crew are coming in to our sessions to discuss beach and water safety.  They will also talk about volunteering opportunities available to young people and how we as a club can support the RNLI. We are also really looking forward to our upcoming Litter Pick.

    Lots happening! 



  • Tuesday, March 19, 2019 - 11:15
    Dame Kelly Holmes Trust - Scarborough

    The Dame Kelly Holmes Trust “GET ON TRACK” programme is now in the third week in Scarborough.

    Participants have been referred into the programme by multi-agencies such as the Job Centre, Youth Justice Service and Foundation Scarborough. Fourteen young people have attended each day to develop their team building skills, build their confidence and self-esteem. As a team there are set challenges and activities, as well as looking at individual tasks for their own personal development.

    This year’s mentors are James Kirton and Paul Broadbent. James is a swimmer who represented Great Britain for over six years, reaching Olympic, World and European level. Paul is an ex rugby league professional who played representative level for Great Britain and England, and at club level for Sheffield Eagles, Halifax, Hull FC, Wakefield Trinity Wildcats and York City Knights. Together with Ian from NYY and Jodie from North Yorkshire Sport, participants have completed their DGT challenge, experienced rugby skills in a team building exercise, scaled a climbing wall and are planning their community task. This week they will be going on a group bike ride along the Cinder Path from Scarborough to Hayburn Wyke.

    The Scarborough DKH programme is open to young people 16-25 who are NEET and looking to improve their confidence, motivation and self-esteem, as well as bring them closer to their local community.

  • Monday, March 11, 2019 - 12:16
    Autism Champions

    Last month I spoke about partnership work with the libraries.  Another successful joint venture has been with The Carer’s Resource.  Together with Helen Prince, the Strategy and Planning Lead for Young Carers, we collaborated on an Autism Champions project in Harrogate.

    Helen and I gained £1000 through the Stronger Communities Inspire fund to pay for 12 online training licenses for community groups interested in expanding their knowledge of Autism.  The funding also enabled us to put together a training course for young people.  The course was supported by The National Autistic Society; Rob Knox from the Harrogate Branch supporting with the writing of the course material.  30 sixth formers have undertaken the training and are now Autism Champions at Rossett School – in place to support younger students to access lunchtime and after school clubs.

    The longer term hope with this project is that these champions will advocate for their young clients, linking up with the community groups then supporting their client to attend – giving parents much needed support and respite.

    This project has been a pleasure to work on and one that we hope will extend to other areas of North Yorkshire once the pilot group of 30 have completed their work.

  • Wednesday, February 27, 2019 - 14:11
    Northallerton Youth Space

    Team work makes the dream work…

    Northallerton Youth Space has been running for 7 months now. This project has been the result of a team of representatives from various agencies coming together to provide a youth provision in the local area to meet the needs of local young people.

    Young people were consulted and this was fed back to the team who comprise of; ourselves at North Yorkshire Youth, Safer Hambleton Hub, local Police and PCSO’s, Town Council, Hambleton District Council, Leisure Centre and volunteers from the local community who all give their time enthusiastically and passionately.

    The Youth Space runs from the Town Hall every Friday night 6.45 – 7.45pm for schools years 7 & 8 and a second session running from 8 -9 pm for years 9+. Entry is free! There are regular numbers of around 30+ most weeks attending and young people are able to access various activities including table tennis, pool, X-box, music, as well as crafts and games. We also provide free hot snacks and drinks and there is a tuck shop available too.

    In February we followed a theme of ‘Love’ where we highlighted various Awareness Days associated with care, kindness and love and focussed activities around these themes. Some of these included mindfulness art work, self–esteem worksheets, activities to look at our own strengths, appreciating ourselves and each other. We made woven love hearts in rainbow colours, decorated biscuits, and made ‘Valentine’s/love’ cards.

    On the 8th and 15th May we have professional dancers from ‘Rural Steps’ visiting us to run free taster sessions in contemporary dance, with a view to running regular classes in the area in the coming months.

    This year the Youth Space has been kindly chosen as one of the charities to benefit from fundraising taking place via the Northallerton Retails Business Forum’s Annual Pancake Race to take place at the Applegarth Park, Northallerton at 10.30am on Tuesday 5th March.

    The Youth Space is a fantastic example of community spirit and multi-agency collaboration with many local businesses supporting the project and it has quickly become an integral part of the local community and a much needed provision for young people in the area.

  • Monday, February 18, 2019 - 15:39
    Young Volunteers Project


    Our volunteer project for 14-25yrs olds encourages and supports young people to volunteer within their communities. Across the 3 areas the project covers, Hambleton, Harrogate and Selby districts, we have young people volunteering in a range of settings – gardening and conservation groups, sports groups, youth and community projects, charities, health and care settings, arts and drama projects, to name a few. Our aim is to find young people a safe, productive and enjoyable placement, we offer support to find a suitable opportunity, come with you to meet them and have a taster session, monitor your progress and record you volunteering hours so we can send you certificates along the way.

    Be more active, meet new people, gain new skills and experiences, help others – volunteer today!

    Contact us to find out what's available in the Hambleton, Harrogate and Selby areas.

    Find us on facebook  - https://www.facebook.com/Youth-Volunteer-Co-Ordinator-Project

  • Thursday, February 14, 2019 - 16:19
    Colburn Youth Project

    Colburn DJ’ing Course

    Young people from Colburn Youth Project have successfully completed an 8 week DJ’ing course held at Colburn Library. The project was set up to offer the group a new positive activity to boost their confidence, whilst learning new skills in music and technology. Funding to run the project, and to buy new set of DJ decks for the club to keep, was secured by Senior Youth Worker, Edwina Anderson through Higher York’s ‘FutureHY’. The aim is to raise young people’s aspirations in Colburn and promote pathways into higher education. Together with Youth Worker, Rachel Hall, young people were encouraged and supported, resulting in the project being enjoyed by all.

    The course was created and led by music teacher, Matthew Anderson.  Activities were tailored to accommodate a range of abilities, aiming to give everybody a sense of inclusion and achievement. Sessions involved setting up the equipment, learning how to operate the different buttons and controls correctly and finally understanding different rhythms and beats to mix music.

    Colburn Youth Project runs free sessions every week on a Monday evening at Colburn Library and Wednesday evening at Colburn Village Hall, 5:30pm – 7:30pm. Young people, aged 10 – 16, are encouraged to stay for the full session to get involved in termly projects as well as other general activities, including  games, arts, quizzes, baking, cooking and computers. For more information on the project, to volunteer within sessions or join the clubs voluntary youth committee, please email colburnyouthproject@gmail.com

  • Monday, February 4, 2019 - 11:38
    Knaresborough Library Teen Room

    North Yorkshire Youth regularly work in partnership with local libraries – supporting projects they have put together themselves, as well as working on bespoke ones, like the new teen space in Knaresborough.

    Deborah Thornton (outreach librarian) and I chatted through options before putting together a plan, to make a small meeting room more accessible in terms of young people – making it a youth friendly space.  Funding for the project has been awarded by David Goode, the Knaresborough County Councillor, through his locality budget.  This money will fund a piece of artwork which will form a portable mural – something which can be put up when the room is open to young people and then taken down for daytime meetings.

    The young people who form the Knaresborough Reading Hacks and students from King James School will be invited to design and make the mural, which will hopefully be in place by Easter.


  • Monday, January 28, 2019 - 13:38
    Ages Together

    Ben is the most highly decorated resident of Lister House which is a claim indeed! Ex-SAS and very unassuming, he remembers everyone’s name, is gentle and kind. Physically, Ben struggles with stoicism. Ella is a shy, small, 16 year old who lacks confidence and self- belief. Together they have formed a supportive and productive relationship; helping each other to create the glass work and photographs that formed part of the overall exhibition. Ella has decided after her time at Lister House that she wants to work with the elderly and now has a focus to her studies. Ben has repeatedly made the concerted effort to dress and breakfast earlier on a Friday in order for him to spend time with the young people. Ella has requested a copy of the photograph of her and Ben, as has Ben. NYY has organised for Ella to keep attending Lister House as a volunteer after the Ages Together project finished. Ben is delighted. The next Ages Together Project will be held in Northallerton starting in February. If you would like to participate contact Sally Clifford, Ages Together Co-Ordinator, Office: 01845 522 145 Mobile: 07500787620, Web: North Yorkshire Youth: www.nyy.org.uk | Carlton Lodge Activity Centre: www.carltonlodge.org.uk, Post: North Yorkshire Youth,Carlton Lodge, Carlton Miniott, Thirsk, North Yorkshire, YO7 4NJ.

  • Friday, December 7, 2018 - 15:56
    Unicorn sighted in Kirkbymoorside!
  • Thursday, November 29, 2018 - 14:20
    New Home for Settle Youth Club


    The Youth Club in Settle has had to pack up and change venue, due to the closure of it’s existing premises. The move happened over the October half term break and they are now using a large activity room at Settle Stories. The group love the new premises with it’s modern feel, they especially like the artificial grass as carpet!   They are settling in to doing things a bit differently, less space to be active, but being all together in one room means there is more of a group atmosphere. This half term the group plan to have games, music and film nights to take advantage of the facilities. It is hoped that the group will link in with more of Settle Stories community events and activities.

  • Thursday, November 29, 2018 - 11:46
    Leyburn Art and Community Centre becomes NYY member

    Leyburn Art and Community Centre becomes NYY member

    An arts centre in Leyburn, The Old School House, has been running a successful weekly youth café for young people aged 11 – 16 over the past year. The café was set up by Youth Worker Rachael Addison, with support from adult volunteers and NYY.  The café provides young people with a safe, calm space to socialise and relax with friends, whilst enjoying delicious food and drink. A range of fun activities have also been on offer during sessions, such as arts and crafts, games, drama and discussions, to keep members occupied.  

    Other youth activities have seen special events taking place at the centre and in the community, including film nights, science activities and arts at a local fete. This has helped raise the profile of the centre and the fantastic opportunities on offer.

    Jeannie Bishop, a volunteer trustee, has continued to be the key lead on funding for the project so that it can continue for another year. Thankfully, grants have once again been secured from the 2 Ridings Community Foundation #iwill Fund, Leyburn Town Council and Richmond District Council’s Area Fund. This is great news as provision can continue to develop and run consistently.

    Currently, the club is on the lookout for a Youth Worker to lead on its youth project and successful Youth Café.

    Job advert:

    Leyburn Arts & Community Centre - Youth Project

    “We are looking for a young, enthusiastic adult, preferably qualified and experienced in youth work, to be involved in our youth activities, approximately 8 hours per week on average (Flexible). Initially for help with the Youth Café specifically, which is held every Monday from 6pm to 8pm.

    If you feel you might be interested please contact the Centre on 01969 624510, call in or email admin@leyburnartscentre.com for more information. (Note - this is a self-employed post)”

  • Monday, November 12, 2018 - 11:52
    Stop the Inferno

    Stop the Inferno.

    A multi-agency project has commenced at Jennyfields Youth Club called ‘Stop the Inferno’.  This project is in response to the increase in fire setting in the local community and is in partnership with North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, North Yorkshire Police and North Yorkshire Children and Families Service Prevention.  Funding from Harrogate Community Safety and the Granby My Neighbourhood Group was awarded to pay for an artist to work with the young people.  The group have written a story and script which is now being formed into a graphic novel for distribution around the community.  The graphic novel will be used to help educate children and young people on the dangers of fire setting and the consequences that could affect them, their families and their communities.

  • Monday, November 12, 2018 - 11:27
    Greatwood Youth Club Project

    Young People at Greatwood Youth Club in Skipton have been busy working on a photogrammetry project with the Craven Museum.  The 3D images they have created using cameras and computer software will be used in the huge museum refurbishment and relaunch. What a fantastic achievement!  Check out what we created on the website below:




  • Monday, November 12, 2018 - 11:24
    The Big Youth Sleep Out

    Panda’s Blog – A night spent ‘homeless’

    4.02pm – I arrive at Carlton Lodge at the tail end of the afternoon of activities North Yorkshire Youth put on every year for the voluntary youth clubs. Young people are building rafts, jumping in the water. It’s unseasonably mild but I still hope Staithes Youth Club get dry properly before they take part in The Big Youth Sleep Out tonight. I think about tonight - should I take my contact lenses out? Do homeless people wear contact lenses? I’m not sure if they do. I decide I’ll leave them in in case I have to get my bearings quickly.

    5.01pm – Sue and Selby Youth Council are here for the Sleep Out; they shout “hello.” I feel excited about youth work and how it can give people opportunities to do cool stuff. I hope they learn something from this. The Youth Executive and Young People’s Council turn up with Kevin and Kathy from NYCC, more hellos, more opportunities.

    5.36pm – We’ve done the AGM; everyone’s here who’s sleeping out and we’re having our tea. Fill up I think, “You never know when you’ll eat again!” It strikes me quite intensely that I know exactly when I’ll eat again…

    6.30pm – The talks start, it’s hard because it’s so stuffy but everyone tries because This Is Important. It IS important. I hold back my emotions as young people tell us where they’ve slept rough, how abuse, mental illness and sexuality - which they have no control over - have made them homeless, how they wish things were different. The agencies, charities and councillors wish things could be different. We all wish things could be different. How do we make things different?

    8.45pm – We let everyone out, our souls are cramped and uncomfortable, our legs too. We play with cardboard boxes and stake our place. I get a bit panicky when I realise my place has been staked by a family of spiders, it makes me shudder to think of them sharing my box. I move on with my manager and friend Clare. I’m glad she’s here, I already feel vulnerable and territorial, she’ll watch my back and I’ll watch hers.

    10.30pmish – David our CEO (who I respect immensely for getting down with the kids and mucking in with the staff) shouts everyone to the fire. My colleague Ian’s made us a cosy fire! Good, it’s getting a little bit chilly and I’m bored. I wonder if homeless people get bored. I bet they do, no distractions, lots of thinking time, lots of overthinking time, not good for mental health. I wish things were different.

    11.46pm – Time to dampen down the fire. We’ve had a sing, we’re ready for bed, well, I am. I’m getting sleepy. Should I take my shoes off?

    1.30am – It’s still not quiet. I feel weird and exposed. I realise how little privacy you have on the streets. It’s not just material things you lose when you’re homeless.

    2.30am – It’s still not quiet.

    2.55am – My hips hurt, I’ve slept for about 10 minutes. I see a spider, I don’t care anymore…

    3.33am – Why are young people wandering around? I know them, they are nice when we shush them and tell them to “Get back to bed!”. I don’t think people would be so nice if we were in a city centre on a Saturday night. SASH told us when people become homeless they often go to places that hold good memories. I wonder where I’d go, not to a city…

    5am – Am I hallucinating? There’s a bunch of girls sitting at a picnic bench chatting away. I listen to them, they seem okay. A lad walks past us, he’s had enough of the group he’s with and wants some time alone to be quiet. I think that must be hard when you’ve nowhere of your own. Boys are more likely to have to sleep rough because girls get taken in more by friends’ families. I wonder how refugees feel when they can’t even share our language and have no friends yet… I feel some raindrops on my face and pull my sleeping bag higher.

    6.39am – I check my phone to see what time sunrise is – 7.34am today. It is quiet at last. I can see the sky lightening, a bird sings. It never really rained. I want to sleep a bit longer.

    6.55am – I roll my sleeping bag up and put it in the car. The car! I could have slept in there, people do. I think it would be cheating. I would cheat if I had to do it all again tonight. I get really sad at the thought of people who can’t choose, and I feel selfish and stupid. I need to try to make a change, I need to educate people. How though?

    7.45am – Kevin’s made breakfast for everyone, we’ve all been fed; this is not like being homeless. We’re tidying up. I hear Kathy talking to some of the young people about Their Pledge. Some want to raise money for homeless charities, some want to campaign to change the rules, some just want to be friendly, say “hello,” give food to people and make sure homeless people see a smile at least once a day. It’s then that I realise we are making a difference, it’s small but it is happening. I smile, keep on hoovering and think that I’m glad I spend the night at The Big Youth Sleep Out. I’m glad we all did.

    9.07am – I get in the car to go home. Back to my safe, comfy space and I wish the same for everyone. I drive away thinking how lucky I’ve been with the weather all night. I realise it’s not just the weather I’ve been lucky with…

    Panda Gledhill

    Youth Development Worker for Ryedale and Hambleton South. North Yorkshire Youth.


    The Big Youth Sleep Out was developed by the NYCC Youth Executive/VIP Team (facebook.com/Northyorkshireyouthcouncil) and took place at Carlton Lodge (carltonlodge.org.uk) on Saturday 13th-Sunday 14th October. It was supported by North Yorkshire Youth (nyy.org.uk) and the following:

    SASH (charity preventing youth homelessness) - https://www.sash-uk.org.uk

    Scarborough Homeless Prevention Team – scarborough.gov.uk/home/housing/homelessness-prevention

    Tesco Thirsk (donated our breakfast) – tesco.com

    Compass Buzz (mental health and wellbeing across North Yorkshire) – compassbuzz.org


    Other useful links:

    Centrepoint (youth homelessness charity) – centrepoint.org.uk

    York North Yorkshire and East Riding Strategic Housing Partnership (this page has details of local councils who can help if you are a young person at risk of being homeless) – nycyerhousing.co.uk/homelessness

    NYCC Prevention Team (early help for children and young people and their families) – northyorks.gov.uk/prevention-service

    MIND (mental health charity) – mind.org.uk

    Barnardo’ (children’s charity) – barnardos.org.uk

    The Samaritans (emotional support charity) – samaritans.org or phone 116123

  • Monday, November 12, 2018 - 11:19
    Ideas on a Shoestring

    North Yorkshire Youth works with Rural Arts to offer ‘Ideas on a Shoestring’!

    Have you ever run out of ideas or money to work with your group of young people? Well this event was designed to solve all that! It must have been a popular theme because the room at Rural Arts was packed full of youth workers, teaching assistants, therapist, artists and teachers.

    Great ideas for icebreakers, energisers, team game and evaluations came from Panda Gledhill who uses them all the time in her role as Youth Development Worker at North Yorkshire Youth. Nicola Phillips, Rural Arts Youth Development Officer, got everyone moving and thinking with drama games designed to engage and focus young people and Poppy Love Oldham who is the Community Engagement Officer for Rural Arts showed us some fabulous arty ideas with just a few easy to find bits and bobs. The morning was spent with Jessica Grady, artist, recycler and Embroiderers Guild Winner. She showed us how to turn junk into beautiful pieces of art in her upcycling workshop!

    It was a wonderfully inspiring day and although our money pots might be empty, by the end of the day our imagination, determination and enthusiasm certainly weren’t!

  • Monday, October 8, 2018 - 13:57
    Young People get Colourful with WW1 Remembrance Trails


    To commemorate 100 years since the end of the First World War, Hambleton District Council teamed up with local artist, Bill Oakey.  A community trail will be made in each of the main Hambleton market towns; Bedale, Easingwold, Northallerton, Stokesley and Thirsk. Each trail will consist of 20 images of a WW1 soldier drawn by Bill, based on his wife’s grandfather, RSM Henry Savidge (Harry), who served in the West Yorkshire Regiment, Leeds Rifles. Each soldier will have a unique letter which, when all 20 letters are put together, will spell out a phrase. The 100 images for the 5 trails, one for each year, were distributed to local young people to give each solider its own colourful identity and teach them about the importance of remembrance. The youth clubs and schools involved were:

    • Carthorpe Youth Club
    • Snape Youth Club
    • Risedale Youth Club in Catterick
    • Scribble Zone Arts Club in Northallerton
    • COZIE in Easingwold
    • Stokesley Primary Academy
    • Shipton Youth Space in Shipton-by-Beningbrough

    To take part, participants (no age restrictions) will need to collect a postcard from participating venues, complete the trail and return the postcard to Hambleton District Council, where it will be entered into a free prize draw. The trails will run from the beginning of October until 11th November 2018.

    For further information, contact Kate Staines on 01609 767203 or email kate.staines@hambleton.gov.uk


  • Wednesday, October 3, 2018 - 13:12
    NYY Youth Volunteer Project

    NYY Youth Volunteer Project - Volunteering is one of the most rewarding things you can do whilst also enabling you to meet new people, gain skills and experience, and have fun!  Are you aged 14-25yrs and interested in finding out more, then please contact our Volunteer Co-ordinators. The project is very flexible, you can volunteer on a regular basis or just for one-off events, just complete our application form giving us your interests and availability and we will work with you to find, and set up a volunteering opportunity.


    Businesses and Organisations - We are always looking for new and exciting placements for young people, could you support young people’s learning and life experiences by providing a volunteering opportunity? Our Youth Volunteer Co-Ordinators, can support you to ensure everything is in place to provide a safe, positive and productive placement, please contact us to discuss further.


    Your Youth Volunteer Co-Ordinators are:

    • Hambleton Area - Sally Clifford 07500 787 620 Sally@nyy.org.uk • Harrogate Area - Rachel Rabjohns 07500 787 621 Rachel@nyy.org.uk Selby Area •  Charlotte Keable 07825659425 Charlotte@nyy.org.uk


  • Monday, September 17, 2018 - 15:23
    Stop the Inferno
  • Monday, September 17, 2018 - 15:22
    Stop the Inferno

    ‘Stop the Inferno’ is a multi-agency project which we are running at Jennyfields Youth Club in Harrogate, in partnership with North Yorkshire Fire Service, North Yorkshire Police, Fairfax and Bilton Youth Clubs.  Funding from Harrogate Community Safety and the Granby My Neighbourhood group is paying for a graphic novel to be produced by the young people at Jennyfields (with those attending Fairfax and Bilton being invited to attend).Fire fighters and a PCSO have visited the youth club to work with the young people on a story outline – using photos from recent fires in Harrogate.  Two of the crew had attended some of the fires we were discussing so they were able to add real life experience to the recount of what happened.We have an artist booked from NYCC’s Connecting Youth Culture (CYC) to come along and take photographs, and start some of the artwork, for the ‘comic’ which will highlight the consequences of fire setting.  This will then be printed and distributed around the community.  There will also be a trip to the fire station, sometime after October half term, so that the young people can speak to the fire crews and look around the vehicles, as well as watch a demonstration.  We have already had some positive response since the first week as the police posted the project onto their Twitter feed.


  • Wednesday, September 12, 2018 - 15:36
  • Monday, September 10, 2018 - 15:12
    Ages Together September 2018

    What an exciting start to the new academic year. Ages Together Ripon has begun and we have a high level of excitement all round!
    Evolve college (part of Craven College), Lister House (a retirement home run by The Royal British Legion) and North Yorkshire Youth are working together with local artist Magda to create work that will be exhibited in Ripon Cathedral.
    Planning meetings, resources and times are all being settled and agreed. Artistic juices are flowing and trepidation building for our group becoming artists that exhibit to over 600 people.
    ‘Ripon Remembers’ is a series of exhibitions, concerts and services that over the next three months sees residents and visitors of Ripon paying respects and remembering the hundred year anniversary of the end of the First World War. Ages Together Ripon are going to display their work as part of these celebrations and remembrance at the service held for Service Children and their Families. Friday 9th November; get it in your diaries …

  • Monday, September 10, 2018 - 15:05
    Staithes Young Leaders Award

    On Thursday 6th September Ian visited Staithes Youth Group, to support a group of young people from their senior youth group to start their North Yorkshire Youth Young Leaders Awards.

    Their NYY Young Leaders Awards will work in connection with activities the group will be involved with over the coming months. The group have been contacted by Glynnis and Carolyn from Staithes Charities Ltd, who hold events in the community across the year. Glynnis and Carolyn have asked if the young people would be interested in supporting them with a couple of their fund raisers this year. One of their first events is a Tea Dance in Sleights Village Hall, where the senior residents will be invited to a free evening of high tea and dancing in November.

    The young people have been offered the chance to take part in three workshop events; planning and preparation for the event, an evening in a local Tea Room learning how to wait on table and host the residents on the evening and the last workshop before the event will be a cookery and food prep session where they will bake and learn how to prepare food in a local restaurant. The young people had loads of questions and ideas they wanted to incorporate into the Tea Dance evening. Glynnis and Carolyn handed over a few of the groups tasks and ideas for them to work on before the next workshop. A few of the girls took notes and said they would work on the posters over the weekend so they could start to advertise the event ASAP.

    As part of the young people's NYY Young Leaders Awards the group will design posters, make table decorations, learn new cookery and waiting skills that will help them in the many catering opportunities in the future, and host the Tea Dance. The skills learnt will be added to their Young Leaders workbooks as part of their planning, delivery and evaluation as the first part of their award.

    The second part of their Awards Book will be to help plan, run and perform in the local pantomime in December.

  • Thursday, August 9, 2018 - 11:00
    Borrowby Show

    Invited to Borrowby Show by Sally from Borrowby Kidz (an NYY member group) Clare, Becca and Panda spent the day in a tent making upcycled fridge magnets with young people! It was a really good activity to do as it’s easy and enjoyable for everyone and hardly cost anything (very important for lots of youth clubs!). We support lots of voluntary clubs like Borrowby Kidz across North Yorkshire - if you are interested in starting a youth club in your area get in touch!

  • Monday, August 6, 2018 - 15:53
    NYY Celebrating Yorkshire Day in Ripon

    We had a busy day on Wednesday when we attended Yorkshire day to promote our work and current projects. Vicki was out with her clip board searching out young people to find out what youth facilities they would like to see in Ripon and also to let them know about the summer holiday sessions with YMCA, Sally was promoting the Ages Together project, looking for young people and ex forces personnel to come together to share stories and produce an exhibition, and I was there to promote our Youth Volunteering project for 14-25yr olds. It was a glorious day, the event was well attended and there was a real community feel in Ripon, celebrating all that was Yorkshire. The event was a good opportunity for us to engage with local young people and families and let them know about our work and what there is for young people to get involved with in.

  • Wednesday, August 1, 2018 - 13:46
    BBQ and Games session held to celebrate start of summer holidays

    Snape Youth Club and St.Gregory’s Youth Club celebrated their final sessions in style before breaking up for summer with a delicious BBQ, snacks and a range of fun team building and sports activities to keep everybody happy. Young people enjoyed playing rounders against parents, cricket, games with a large parachute and gutter ball. Summer opportunities were also share with both groups consisting of up to 45 young people, promoting community projects, volunteering days and a young promoter’s scheme. Both volunteer teams and young people will enjoy having a break over summer and will start back in September.

  • Tuesday, July 24, 2018 - 15:40
    Adversity United and Cameron Osburn.

    17 year old Cameron Osburn’s daily struggle with Cerebral Palsy and his own experience of mainstream football has driven him to set up Adversity United - an inclusive football club where children are supported, encouraged, praised and guided.  The club is for children aged 6 - 12 years who are living with physical, behavioural, social and cerebral challenges.  Cameron focusses on the children's enjoyment irrespective of their disability.  The relationships he is forming are open and honest - with both the children and their families.  Cameron through Adversity United is offering an opportunity for children with a range of disabilities to come together to play a team sport that they often don't often get the opportunity to play.

    Cameron recently won the David Lloyd Stray FM Local Hero Award in recognition for his hard work and commitment.

  • Tuesday, July 24, 2018 - 15:25

    The excitement of the summer holiday is kicking in and lots of young people have been trying to work out what they can do with their time in the holidays that might be a little more productive than ‘Nothing!’

    The Volunteer Co-Ordinators in both Harrogate and Hambleton have been working hard to make sure that those exciting and challenging volunteer placements are ‘Young Person Ready’ and that young people are good to go too.

    One off events such as Borrowby Show, Yorkshire Lasses Sportive and Carlton Lodge Conservation days are all ready and willing to let young people 14-25 in to help and provide much needed support for their events.

    Rural Arts, Northdale Horticulture, Hambleton Paddlers, Inclusive Sports, Ripon Museums, Dales Rangers are among many organisations becoming ‘young people ready’ so the young volunteers in our county can really reap the rewards that a fulfilling volunteer placement can provide.

    Another group working with NYY are ‘Helping Hands’, they are there to ‘support the supporters’ so young people who love to volunteer but could benefit from a little more support whilst doing their thing get just that!

    Finishing school for the holidays certainly doesn’t mean our young people are busy doing nothing!!

  • Tuesday, July 24, 2018 - 15:23
    Harrogate District - What has been going on?

    This year has been all go in the Harrogate District with lots of great activities taking place in our youth clubs.

    We have supported the opening of a new youth club in Kirkby Malzeard, Squigglers Art Club in Ripon and Adversity United Football Club in Harrogate.  All 3 are thriving with some fantastic feedback from the children and young people who attend as well as their families.

    We have also said farewell to some wonderful volunteers and projects.  Kathy and The Saturday Club have moved onto some new and exciting opportunities outside of the Knaresborough area.  Fleur, Claire and Ken from Staveley and Copgrove youth club have hung up their youth club activities book to take a much deserved break and Can Do a Leonard Cheshire Disability group closed its doors after its funding drew to an end.  Thank you to everyone who supported these projects and to the many volunteers who helped out.

    Thank you also to Nicky from Ripon Youth Café and Michelle from Ripon Youth Theatre who are also handing in their keys and taking a break from youth work.  We wish them both well and thank them for their dedication and hard work these last few years.  We look forward to meeting your new volunteers when you re-open in September.

    Have a great summer.


  • Tuesday, July 3, 2018 - 14:11
    Ebberston/ Allerston Youth Group Celebrate 10 Years as a Voluntary Youth Group

    Ebberston/ Allerston Youth Group have just celebrated their 10th Anniversary with a day on the North Bay beach at Scarborough’s. Jeni, George, Phil and along with the other youth leaders arranged to have a beach chalet for the day to act as a base for the group and somewhere to keep refreshments and food.

    The day was attended by members of the youth group who spent the afternoon on the beach making sand castles, mermaids sculptures and crabbing in the rock pools. Several even braved the chilly water and swam in the cold North Sea. Jeni the leader also let the young people cover her in sand to make her in to a sand mermaid.

    Our Youth Development Worker in Scarborough joined the Youth Group on the beach to celebrate their 10Th anniversary as Ebberston Youth Group was the first youth group Ian helped to set up in his role with North Yorkshire Youth when he supported voluntary group in Ryedale as well as Scarborough.

    Congratulations to the current youth leaders, past leaders and present supports for all their hard work over the past 10 years, here’s to the next 10 !  

  • Monday, July 2, 2018 - 14:15
    Youth Art Exhibition Now on Display!

    A new exhibition created by young people from Scribble Zone arts group and Scribble Vision animation club, has now officially opened at Northallerton Library until 15th July. The artwork on display showcases a wide range of art styles, techniques and influences that the young people have chosen to produce their fantastic pieces of work. Lead volunteer artist, Wendi New and colleague Peter Gough have continued to led session every Monday and Wednesday after school at the library to give participants the opportunity to experiment with their own ideas, teaching them new skills and helping to discover their own style and identity.

  • Monday, July 2, 2018 - 11:31
    Colburn Youth Project-Drumming Session

    Young People attending Colburn Youth Project have recently enjoyed a fantastic evening of hand and scrap drumming, led by a professional musician at Colburn Library. The group tried their hand at a number of different genre and styles including samba and rock.

    The project, which has only been running since September 2017 has received funding from Colburn Town Council, North Yorkshire County Councils Stronger Communities and Future HY (a Higher York project) to run 2 sessions a week for 10 – 16 year olds in the town. Sessions aim to provide young people with fun and engaging activities through cooking, arts and games. Short projects and special events have been a running theme of the club and have so far included a babysiting course, animation workshops, makeup and styling, textiles and organising a community event. These high quality activities, including the drumming, have been very well attended and enjoyed all local young people who are keen continue learning new skills.

    The group are now looking forward to going to Lightwater Valley before they break for the summer holidays. Leaders are currently working on a Youth Achievement Week during the holidays to keep young people engaged in positive activities.

  • Wednesday, June 27, 2018 - 14:27
    Girls Residential Weekend at Playaway Eshton Grange

    Greatwood Youth Club in Skipton had a Girls Residential weekend at Playaway Eshton Grange, near Gargrave. This amazing venue has been set up to benefit young people and is on the doorstep of the Yorkshire Dales National Park.   www.playaway-centre.co.uk

    The weather was great and the pool was definitely a big hit! They girls even had a late night swim whilst the sun went down.

    The group were able to feed the animals – rabbits, guinea pigs, alpaca, goats and a very large pig!  The rabbist were a firm favourite along with the baby guinea pigs that arrived on the Sunday morning.

    The girls competed against each other on the adventure play ground to see who was fastest and had a photo pose challenge – most poses in a minute!

    We cooked all our own food and did the washing up (with a few complaints) and we enjoyed watching “The Greatest Showman” in the large cinema room.  It really was a really great weekend – not sure who enjoyed it more the girls or the staff!

    We can’t wait to go again!

  • Wednesday, June 20, 2018 - 09:42
    New LGBT+ Champions fly the (rainbow) flag for North Yorkshire Youth!

    Youth Development Workers Vicki, Ian and Panda form the new team bringing LGBT+ rights to the heart of North Yorkshire Youth! The roles will ensure information is shared across the whole of the team, that North Yorkshire Youth is represented at LGBT+ events and that it can feed into and contribute to multi agencies meetings. Keeping up to date with current issues, challenges, best practice and regulatory changes, Vicki, Ian and Panda will act as resources for other team members and be able to provide information and signposting when needed.

    Working with NYCC and Barnardos Prouder Communities, the team have already fed into some consultation work around safer spaces for LGBT+ young people, a Heritage Lottery bid and the Stonewall Education Equality Index. Along with that, Ian recently attended the Yorkshire and Humberside LGBT+ Young People’s Event in York and Vicki took part in Harrogate Pride!

  • Thursday, June 7, 2018 - 15:56
    Youth Club Promotion Pays Off!

    A Youth Club in Richmondshire has gained 22 new member in one session! Catterick Village Youth Project has been running successful for the past 3 year, as a member club of NYY and funding from Catterick Village Parish Council. In recent months, the club has gone through a transitional period with a change in staffing, dates and time and the need to relaunch the project to re-engage with local young people. To boost numbers, Senior Youth Worker, Edwina Anderson went into the local primary school to promote the club, given young people in Years 5 and 6, two free passes to come along to the project to give it a go with their friends. During Tuesday evening’s session, young people enjoyed taking part in football, rounders, outdoor games, wii, ping-pong, pool, an arts and new ideas workshop, with free drinks and snacks.

  • Tuesday, May 29, 2018 - 13:19
    Ages Together Bedale Group’s Grand Day Out

    North Yorkshire Youth is working under the umbrella of Ex-Forces Support North Yorkshire to bring together Ex- service men and women and local young people to tell each other’s stories…

    Ages Together is an Intergenerational Group made up of Students from Bedale School and Ex- Forces Veterans whose home is ‘The Millings’ in Bedale. North

    On Tuesday 10th April, in the pouring rain, a number of our merry group went for a guided tour of the Green Howard’s Regimental Museum in Richmond.

    Hosted brilliantly and enthusiastically by Carl; we were allowed to handle artefacts from WW1, dazzled by the medal room and taught some very interesting language facts that no-one had known before… needless to say we don’t do as much ‘chatting’ as we had done before!!

    We took lots of photos and got some inspiration for our exhibition; which will be held on Armed Forces Day (Saturday 30th June) at Bedale Hall and we are hoping that the museum join forces with us on that one!

    The Ages Together Bedale Group has been meeting and creating stories for a few months now and it has proved a wonderful experience for all involved; we would love to invite anyone that may be interested to our exhibition to see the culmination of our work together! 

  • Thursday, December 14, 2017 - 13:41

    Bring the past alive! North Yorkshire Youth is proud to be invoved in a new iniatiative by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF). called Kick the Dust A succesful bid to HLF by IVE, based in Leeds, called IGNITE has brought six partners together from across the region to give young people the chance to try something 'old'. The aim of the project is to give young people the opportunity to try something for the first time. It might be building a wall, making a spindle or even a bit of wood carving. All done in the traditional way. Expert tuition and add into the mix the outdoors will create a perfect way for young people to explore their past in a fun and interactive way. 

    The project also wants feedback so the sessions will include time to let us know what they thought of it. 

    • Was it fun? 
    • Do you want to try something else? 
    • How might we get your friends here to try it? 

    All of which will then help shape the project going forward.

    It is hoped that through these taster sessions and the feeedback provide we can continue the work with a longer term grant from the Hertiage Lottery.


  • Thursday, February 4, 2016 - 13:47
    Lightwater Quarries help Carlton Lodge Activity Centre

    Carlton Lodge Activity Centre asked Lightwater Quarries for their help in providing some gravel. They had no hesitation in offering to donate 10 tons of gravel to the charity based in Carlton Miniott. ‘The gravel was needed to repair damage from the winter’s rain to the banks of our lake and the paths around the lake. The support of Lightwater Quarries is much appreciated. Support from local businesses is so important to sustaining our ability to deliver safe and challenging day and residential programmes of adventurous activities to support the education and development of children and young people’ said Mark Faulkner, Head of Centre.

  • Wednesday, May 6, 2015 - 15:05
    Youth Clubs Re-Launch

    Over a dozen Youth Clubs re-open under North Yorkshire Youth North Yorkshire Youth, (NYY) based at Carlton Lodge Activity Centre near Thirsk has announced that over a dozen youth clubs in North Yorkshire will re-open.

    A new contract between NYY and North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) means that the provision of youth clubs continues under the guidance of the experienced NYY Youth Development Team. David Sharp, Chief Executive said: “The new contract is an outcome of the decision to move more youth club provision into the voluntary sector and we are delighted to have been chosen to provide the service. Our experienced Youth Development Team is ideally placed to undertake this project”.

    The new arrangements come into place on 13th April and the contract is until August 2016. “Our vast experience providing learning and personal development opportunities for children and young people puts us in a unique position to provide activities that will support this initiative“, added Mark Faulkner, Head of Centre at Carlton Lodge. “North Yorkshire County Council is looking to transform the way it provides services, meeting its responsibilities in innovative and effective ways and working with communities to develop services for themselves” said Pete Dwyer, Corporate Director for the Children and Young People’s Service. “The authority is committed to more targeted work with particular children, young people and families through the new Prevention Service, getting in early and helping to stop problems escalating.

    This great partnership with North Yorkshire Youth will complement this work, giving young people right across North Yorkshire access to new youth clubs. By NYY encouraging local communities to be involved in the running of the clubs, we expect new and exciting opportunities to be created.”

    The following Youth Clubs run term time only. 

    Sherburn Youth Club - Monday 7.00pm - 9.00pm 

    Fairfax Youth Club - Tuesday 7.00pm - 9.00pm

    Risedale Youth Club - Tuesday 6.30pm - 8.30pm

    Stokesley Youth Club - Tuesday 6.15pm - 8.15pm

    Tadcaster Senior Youth Club - Tuesday 7.30pm - 9.30pm

    Great Ayton - Wednesday 7.00-9.00pm

    Malton Youth Club - Wednesday 7.00pm-9.00pm

    Leyburn Youth Club - Wednesday 6.30pm - 8.30pm

    Settle Youth Club - Wednesday 6.30pm -8.30pm

    Filey Youth Club - Wednesday 7.00pm -9.00pm 

    Falsgrave Youth Club - Thursday 7.00pm - 9.00pm

    Glusburn Youth Club - Thursday 6.30pm -8.30 pm

    Jennyfields Youth Club - Thursday 7.00pm - 9.00pm

    Kirbymoorside Youth Club - Thursday 7.00pm - 9.00pm

    Knaresborough Youth Club - Friday 7.15pm - 9.15pm

    Tadcaster Junior Youth Club - Friday 6.30pm - 8.00pm 

    Bedale Youth Club - Friday -7.00pm-9.00pm