NYY has started to provide more support for looked after young people in North Yorkshire through its Independent Visitor’s scheme, launched in December 2019. Independent Visitors are volunteers who befriend young people in care, get to know them and enjoy activities together. We know such schemes are highly valued by the young people they support. They speak positively about their experiences of having an Independent Visitor (IV), for example saying,

“He made me forget about being in care and brought me up on my down days”. 

“Having an Independent Visitor has been the only stable thing in my life recently”.

“She always comes when she says she will. She never lets me down”.

NYY now has a team of Independent Visitors who can offer support to young people right across the county. Our Independent Visitors come from all walks of life, are different ages and genders and all have something unique to offer.  What they have in common is their commitment and desire to support young people and do the very best for them that they can. 

IVs and young people get out and about enjoying different experiences in their communities. This can be anything from going for a walk, talking over a coffee, trying a new sport, visiting parks and museums. While recent restrictions may have called for some different approaches, if our IVs can find a way to have fun and build a positive relationship with a young person, they will. They aim to be there for the young people they support come what may. 

While the scheme is relatively new in North Yorkshire, we know from our colleagues in Children’s Services that the opportunity to refer to an Independent Visitors Scheme is much appreciated and we are starting to see an increase in referrals and enquiries. We look forward to seeing more young people looked after in North Yorkshire enjoying positive and lasting relationships with their IVs and having lots of fun and good times together in the process. 

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