The excitement of the summer holiday is kicking in and lots of young people have been trying to work out what they can do with their time in the holidays that might be a little more productive than ‘Nothing!’

The Volunteer Co-Ordinators in both Harrogate and Hambleton have been working hard to make sure that those exciting and challenging volunteer placements are ‘Young Person Ready’ and that young people are good to go too.

One off events such as Borrowby Show, Yorkshire Lasses Sportive and Carlton Lodge Conservation days are all ready and willing to let young people 14-25 in to help and provide much needed support for their events.

Rural Arts, Northdale Horticulture, Hambleton Paddlers, Inclusive Sports, Ripon Museums, Dales Rangers are among many organisations becoming ‘young people ready’ so the young volunteers in our county can really reap the rewards that a fulfilling volunteer placement can provide.

Another group working with NYY are ‘Helping Hands’, they are there to ‘support the supporters’ so young people who love to volunteer but could benefit from a little more support whilst doing their thing get just that!

Finishing school for the holidays certainly doesn’t mean our young people are busy doing nothing!!