Hello from Lockdown!


Hello from Lockdown!

During this unusual and difficult time we are hosting Virtual Youth Clubs across North Yorkshire.

In the Richmondshire area there are 3 virtual youth clubs at the moment; Leyburn, Risedale and Colburn. These are weekly and are delivered on the same day and rough timings youth club would normally be on.  The virtual youth clubs are hosted by myself and the youth workers from each club.

These groups are live on Zoom as follows:

 Monday - Colburn 5:30-6:15   Leyburn 6:30-7:15

Tuesday - Risedale 7:30-8:15

Wednesday - Colburn 5:30-6:15

We now have a core group of young people who sign in every week, with a few who drop in and out, this is amazing and we are trying all ways to get more young people to sign up.

What happens at a virtual youth club?

Most sessions start with everyone saying how their week has been, how they are feeling, how they are coping, what activities they have been doing, if they have been out for exercise - just a general chat.

This is usually followed by an activity, several of the groups enjoy a quiz and everyone in Risedale is taking it in turns to write one and ask the questions. (Very diverse from a geography round to Unicorns and Disney). The answers are read out which sometimes causes great debate as to if it’s right or not and scores are shared - always in good spirits

Next we do an activity, some activities we have shared with the young people have been stone painting and writing positive messages on them, scavenger hunts inside and outside and internet safety. Young people have some ideas of their own, sharing recipes, sharing information and pictures of their pets, doodle art and picture painting. We have even managed to start Young Leaders with one young person who is working on delivering either a quiz or a baking activity, she has been practicing her baking and trying it out on her family.

The virtual youth clubs are different but the young people and youth workers are making the most of it and coming up with some great quizzes and activities.

Look on the North Yorkshire Youth Facebook page for details of a virtual youth club in your area.

Keep safe everyone and keep in touch.