Independent Visitor Scheme First Referrals


The Independent Visitor Scheme has received its first referrals, meaning that looked after young people in North Yorkshire are now starting to benefit from the support provided by the scheme. Independent Visitors are there to listen, offer one to one independent support and advice and go out and about to get involved with fun social and leisure activities. In spite of Covid restrictions, some of our Independent Visitors (IVs) have been able to start to develop positive relationships with the young people they have been linked with and while it is still early days, things are going well. Socially distanced walks and online communication have allowed Independent Visitors and the young people they are linked with, to start to get to know one another and develop positive and supportive relationships for the long term. We have been able to make some good matches with young people by drawing on the particular skills and interests of different IVs. For the young people matched, it has been great to be able to introduce them to IVs with relevant interests including IT and gaming, nature and the outdoors and also teaching English as a Second Language. We have recruited a range of IVs from all walks of life right across the county and are in a good position to develop further good matches with looked after young people as more referrals start to come in. As Covid restrictions start to be eased, there will be more opportunities for IVs and young people to get involved with a wider variety of activities to enjoy their time together. We look forward to the continued development of the scheme and being able to support more looked after young people in this way.