Independent Visitor Scheme for Looked After Children


We have continued to be busy with recruitment of new volunteers for the Independent Visitors Scheme throughout the summer months. By having a team of Independent Visitors in place we are able to offer looked after young people in North Yorkshire the opportunity to develop a positive relationship with a consistent adult who will stick with them for the long term. Independent Visitors are there to listen, offer one to one independent support and advice and go out and about to get involved with fun social and leisure activities. We have now managed to recruit and approve eighteen new Independent Visitors, with several more signed up for training. The Independent Visitors we have recruited have impressed us with their insight and understanding of young people, their ability to communicate and build relationships and their eagerness to learn. They are all up for having some fun and getting out and about with young people to share different activities and try some new things. We have Independent Visitors across the county and from a variety of backgrounds and age groups and are feeling confident that we will be able to make some good matches with young people. As Independent Visitor Coordinator, I have now met with all social work teams involved with looked after children in North Yorkshire. There has been a lot of interest in the scheme and we are expecting referrals to start to come in the next few months. The impact of covid has inevitably slowed things down but we are now is a good position to take forward links between Independent Visitors and young people. Given current restrictions and uncertainty, it seems more important than ever for young people to be able to establish and maintain social relationships and activities, something that The Independent Visitors Scheme can help them to do.