Leyburn Arts Centre Youth Cafe

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Spring is here and we have lots of projects planned over the next few months leading into the summer, so follow us at North Yorkshire Youth on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date with what is happening.
I was invited recently by Leyburn Arts Centre Youth Café to the planting of a tree. The young people have been awarded a ‘Green Teen’ grant to develop the garden behind the centre.  The area has been cleared and cleaned up with new compost bins, plant pots, a mini green house and a lot of planting, including blackcurrants, a buddleia and numerous flowers to attract bees and butterflies.
The latest plant to arrive was a Victoria Plum tree. Alongside some of the Arts Centre’s volunteers, Reuben Putt a member of the youth café, dug a substantial hole and planted the tree.
It is hoped that once the tree grows and bears fruit, the youth café members will be able to make their own jam. Mmmmm Plum Jam I’m looking forward to that!
Edwina Anderson