Lockdown 3.0 - Filey


Hopefully, this is the last time we will find ourselves in lockdown due to Covid…. It has been hard on everyone but working to support young people I have seen a very mixed bag in terms of how each lockdown has affected individuals. For some it has been a welcome break from the pressure of school and friendships. For others it has been a good time to spend with their families and rebuild relationships in the home. But unfortunately, for some young people being at home with less immediate access to support from school and other services, it has been incredibly tough. Please remember that almost all services supporting young people are still working! Contact your school or your local Youth Mentor, speak to your parents and ask for help or you can reach out online if you’d prefer. Services such as Kooth.com are so accessible and work around the clock.  Don’t be alone – there are people there waiting to help. Mary-Ann and Charlotte have been out in the community, one evening a week since September (even in the rain and snow – hard core!), working detached to offer support and advice to young people in Filey and Hunmanby – but whilst we miss working with young people in our community, we are happy to report that we have seen very few young people out and about. Whenever we have come across young people they have only been in very small groups and have been adhering to social distancing rules. Well done to the young people of Filey and the surrounding villages for doing your bit during this difficult time! We will keep you all posted on when our Youth Club will re-open in Filey, but in the meantime, stay safe and reach out if you’re struggling. Mary-Ann - Youth Mentor - Filey  mary-ann@nyy.org.uk 07398149516