Malton Youth Club

Filey Youth Club

During this period of social isolation that has prevented youth clubs everywhere from opening, North Yorkshire Youth’s weekly clubs have had to develop new ways of contacting and engaging with the young people who attended their weekly Youth Clubs before Lockdown.

Like many others, Malton Youth Club have been meeting every week for their Virtual Youth Club via Zoom. The leaders have sent out meeting invites to the young people to log in to the virtual club and join in the different weekly sessions.

Over the last few months they have participated in a variety of activities including Quizzes, Charades, and Bingo.  Whilst the main activity has changed every week the young people have shown particular favour for a weekly scavenger hunt at the end of each week’s session. The scavenger hunts have all had different themes each week with hunts based on Science items, Colour themes, indoors hunts and a garden scavenger hunt which had the young people running around their yards and garden to find items to bring back to their computers and cameras. This developed in to an unprompted tour of different gardens by the leaders and youth club members.

Last week’s session was planned by the young people and they held a talent show. We had dancers and singers amongst the skills the young people had practiced and performed.  Laura the Senior Worker joined the members with Makaton performance of “This Is Me” from The Greatest Showman.

Next week the group are baking Mug Cakes, fingers crossed they all have a delicious cake to eat at the end of the session.