Partnership Support


I received an email from a gentleman enquiring if I could support him with a new Chess Club in Harrogate.  He was already involved with an existing club but had plans to extend the provision to secondary school age players.  He had decided to setup on his own but needed advice on how best to promote the new project.

When I asked how he came about my email address he said he was advised by a friend to contact an organisation with experience of supporting community groups to get advice around policies and safeguarding.  Internet research led him to Community 1st Yorkshire who during conversations with him acknowledged that North Yorkshire Youth were better placed to support him and so gave him my contact details.

This initial enquiry has resulted in me working with the gentleman to get the right paperwork in place for membership with North Yorkshire Youth along with coming up with ideas on how best to promote the project in the local area.

I telephoned Community 1st Yorkshire to update them and say thank you for suggesting that he contact me for support.  Admitting when we aren’t the most appropriate person for the task in hand can be difficult but one which Community 1st Yorkshire were happy to do in support of NYY.