Scarborough and Whitby

Whitby Youth Club

My name is Jan Moore, and I am a Youth Mentor covering the areas of Scarborough and Whitby.

My work in schools is mainly 1 to 1 with young people, offering varied support. I also work in the community, meeting young people, doing walk and talks and grabbing a hot drink, if its possible in this cold weather.

The Youth Development Manager Ian and I completed some detached youth workshops in the summer holidays making bird and bat boxes with young people, developing their design and woodworking abilities as well as building confidence and social skills.

The youth club in Whitby opened in September and has proved very popular (average attendance is 20) and has helped us communicate with more young people. Favourite activities have been the outdoor football, Halloween bake off and doughnut making.

I am looking forward to 2022 - reaching out and supporting more young people and developing the service we provide so that it can go from strength to strength.