Spectrum Youth Club


Spectrum Youth Club runs on a Monday evening from The Barn in Tadcaster. The Club Is open for young people aged 14-25 who have special needs. These can be categorised as physical, emotional, learning disabilities, people on the autistic spectrum or simply young people who need a more supportive and inclusive social group.

The club is run by a mix of parents, carers and professionals who volunteer their time to create a safe and friendly environment to give these young people the opportunity to develop friendships and reduce social isolation that many experience.

Currently the club are delivering a 6 week Feel Good Project through Purple Patch Arts. The aim of this is to provide inclusive, fun, informal learning opportunities that are designed to be accessible to all. They are currently learning about different countries from around the world using varying activities to understand the sights, sounds and smells of these locations.

As well as this the club offer a wide range of activities, including: arts and crafts, cooking/baking, pool, table tennis, sports, music and lots lots more!