Staithes Young Leaders Award


On Thursday 6th September Ian visited Staithes Youth Group, to support a group of young people from their senior youth group to start their North Yorkshire Youth Young Leaders Awards.

Their NYY Young Leaders Awards will work in connection with activities the group will be involved with over the coming months. The group have been contacted by Glynnis and Carolyn from Staithes Charities Ltd, who hold events in the community across the year. Glynnis and Carolyn have asked if the young people would be interested in supporting them with a couple of their fund raisers this year. One of their first events is a Tea Dance in Sleights Village Hall, where the senior residents will be invited to a free evening of high tea and dancing in November.

The young people have been offered the chance to take part in three workshop events; planning and preparation for the event, an evening in a local Tea Room learning how to wait on table and host the residents on the evening and the last workshop before the event will be a cookery and food prep session where they will bake and learn how to prepare food in a local restaurant. The young people had loads of questions and ideas they wanted to incorporate into the Tea Dance evening. Glynnis and Carolyn handed over a few of the groups tasks and ideas for them to work on before the next workshop. A few of the girls took notes and said they would work on the posters over the weekend so they could start to advertise the event ASAP.

As part of the young people's NYY Young Leaders Awards the group will design posters, make table decorations, learn new cookery and waiting skills that will help them in the many catering opportunities in the future, and host the Tea Dance. The skills learnt will be added to their Young Leaders workbooks as part of their planning, delivery and evaluation as the first part of their award.

The second part of their Awards Book will be to help plan, run and perform in the local pantomime in December.